Daily Hunt

Bring some color into your daily routine with an exotic blanket, a dainty turquoise bracelet or a fun reversible puzzle. These and a couple of other cuties, right this way:

1. Moroccan POM POM Wool Blanket by lacasadecoto

1 Moroccan POM POM Wool Blanket

Love it or hate it, pink has the exceptional power to make you feel more energized. And when it comes in the shape of a stunning blanket like this one, you simply shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to make your couch an even more cheerful sight.

Available from lacasadecoto

2. Turquoise Crystal Card by YellowHouseHandmade

2 Turquoise crystal card

Surprise your best friend with one of these thoughtful crystal cards! The necklace can easily double as a bracelet and its colorful crystal will look just right, whether worn by itself or stacked with other jewelry pieces. Chic!

Available from YellowHouseHandmade

3. Mod House: Reversible Puzzle by 3StarStudioArts

3 Mod House

Mix, match, rotate or flip to experiment with this puzzle as your heart desires. Both kids and adults can find joy in all the different patterns it can reveal. Keep it on hand especially during long, rainy days – you never know when it might come in handy!

Available from 3StarStudioArts

4. Whale – Ceramic Planter by cumbucachic

4 Whale ceramic planter

Upgrade your plant pot! With a whale-shaped outline, calm colors and a subtle smile, this planter has all the potential to perfectly showcase your favorite plant.

Available from cumbucachic

5. Limited Edition Macrame Gold Handmade Pendant by LightCookie

5 Handmade Pendant Light

Hang it as is or tie into a nautical knot: this intricate looking pendant can add just the right amount of ambient light to your living space. And with a cool design, too!

Available from LightCookie

All images via the respected Etsy stores