7 Of The Coolest Easter Gifts

Today we thought we would hunt for some Easter inspired gems!

Bunnies, eggs, easter egg hunts, chocolate too much chocolate! It’s one of our favourite times of the year. So, we have compiled a list of 7 Easter Gift ideas and Easter inspired products on Etsy.

If you sell Easter inspired products be sure to comment below – so we can all check out your items :)

1. Personalised ceramic egg cup by GilbertandStone



Adore these personalized ceramic egg cups! Such a cool idea, great thing about it they aren’t just for Easter! Any time of year these make a great gift! But, seeing Easter is coming up! Why not? The perfect Easter gift.

Available from GilbertandStone

2. Hand Painted Easter Egg by nordfolk


Easter wouldn’t quite be the same without some decorative handpainted easter eggs! These are so beautiful, the remind me of the eggs my grand mother use to give us every easter without fail! I still have the collection. Stunning :)

Available from nordfolk

3. EGGNOMES by HeartFeltDolls

Get out of town! These are too cute for words, what a perfect Easter gift these would make! Too cute for words. Once again


Available from HeartFeltDolls

4.OVERSIZED Personalized Easter Basket by IngridElizabeth


Utterly adore this oversized personalized easter basket! What a gem! No easter would be easter without a easter egg basket! This one just goes that one little bit further! Customized to your little one :)

Available from IngridElizabeth

5. Easter Bunting Flags by ViViCreative

easterbuntingBunting flags are every where right now! And so they should be! They are too much fun, great thing is the apply to every occasion. These easter bunny bunting flags are too cool. If you are after easter gifts! Check this store out :)

Available from ViViCreative

6. Pixie The Rabbit Amigurumi Pattern by  StuffTheBody

After a bit of creativity over the Easter Holiday? Why not grab yourself this pattern and get creating. Everyone needs a handmade easter bunny! This one is gorgeous.



Available from StuffTheBody

7. Orange Easter Decoration by GermanistikArt

Easter Gifts that are super unique are our favourite! Like this one :) Straight from the store “Beautiful orange quilled Easter decoration – paper quilling egg with ombre orange flowers. With light yellow ribbon. The egg comes gift boxed. ”


Available from GermanistikArt

Thats all folks! They are some of the finest Easter inspired gifts we could find! As we said if you make easter products, be sure to share them with us by commenting below! We’d love to check them out.


Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores