5 Unique Gifts You’ll Only Find On Etsy

Picking a unique gift for a person who’s dear to you isn’t easy, that’s for sure. And neither is sifting through the endless amount of inventory on Etsy. Nobody has the time to endlessly scroll through Etsy in search of the perfect present – that would take days on end! So why not forget about all that hustle and jump right in to see the 5 stunning items listed below? You’re bound to find something that’ll make a truly spectacular gift for that someone you love! Dive right in, friend:

1. Glitter Storm Cloud Clutch Handbag by LunaontheMoon

1 Glitter Storm Cloud Clutch Handbag

This cloud-shaped clutch sets a whole new standard in the handbag world! Why carry around any old bag, when you can carry this glittery beauty? The glitter on it shines differently whenever the light changes. Needless to say, the rest of the décor is equally fun… There are 3 thunder bolts fixed to the bottom of the bag attached with golden sequin ribbon, the entire bag is bound in black satin and its interior is lined in black silk cotton. One word: fabulous! The bag is individually handmade by Kirsty in East London. Click over to read more about it and to reach the original listing.

Available from LunaontheMoon

2. Baby Mobile by IvoryTreeHouse

2 Baby mobile

Oh dear: these might just be the cutest little sheep in the entire world! Perfect to send little kids to sleep and to bring smiles to adults, these amigurumi sheep are the stuff of dreams… quite literally. :) The animals themselves are hand-crocheted out of acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyfill, while the hanger node is made from teak wood. Smitten yet? For the exact dimensions of the mobile, as well as shipping and delivery estimates, you’ll have to click over to its Etsy listing. Follow the cuteness!

Available from IvoryTreeHouse

3. Crochet Bicycle Skirt Guard by KnitsForLife

3 Crochet Bicycle Skirt Guard

What a fabulous idea! And an even more fabulous execution. As the maker of these gorgeous crochet skirt guard puts it, it is indeed important to address both comfort and style when biking. After all, looking and feeling our best even when pedaling needs to be a priority. Thankfully, this handmade bicycle skirt guard will eliminate any worries you may have about cycling in a pretty skirt or dress. Hand-crocheted to order out of high-quality, washable mercerized cotton, each skirt guard is checked for quality and perfection, then shipped in gift-ready packaging. Perfection, from start to finish! How could you possibly say no? Click through the link above for sizes, color options or other details.

Available from KnitsForLife

4. Hamburger Cat And Small Dog Bed by TheCatsPawBoutique

4 Hamburger cat and small dog bed

If you know ANYONE with a cat or small dog, this is the ultimate present for them! Because, let’s face it… with its unique way of blending practicality and cuteness, this handmade hamburger bed looks awesome! Ok, details are as follows: the hamburger is available in 2 different sizes, ORIGINAL (perfect for kitties) and BIG (suitable for big tomcats and dogs). You can also choose from various topping combinations, of course! Check out the options in the dropdown menu on the listing page. And be sure to read through all of the details to make sure you’re picking the right version! Go, have fun – the link’s above.

Available from TheCatsPawBoutique

5. Customize Your Own Small Dinosaur Planter with Air Plant by TwoTreesBotanicals

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We all know one person who’s absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs… so why not make their day? Adding a dose of personality and originality to any room, a dinosaur planter is the type of gift that won’t go unnoticed. So cool! Each one of these is hand made to order and you have a lot of options to choose from. There are 2 dropdown menus on the product’s page, one for species and one for color (see them all pictured in the additional photos). Also, know that it’s possible to add small hand painted accents to the teeth, nails or horns, for free – just leave a note at checkout. Click the link above to see the full listing and pick your preferred pairing. :)

Available from TwoTreesBotanicals

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores