Trend Alert: The 5 Best Concrete Items On Etsy

When you think about concrete, you imagine anything BUT good-looking or practical items, don’t you? Enter today’s selection, where the versatility of this unconventional material will blow your mind:

1. Concrete Pillow by Misterns

1 Concrete pillow

No need to look twice – this is indeed, a pillow made out of concrete. It does look inviting, but make sure you use it only to store small trinkets or jewelry ;)

Available from Misterns

2. Catchall Tray by TheFrenchVikings

2 Catchall Tray

How cool is this? Thin and minimalistic, this tray is exactly the kind of piece that would sit perfectly in the hallway, doing exactly what it says: catching everything. Keys, sunglasses, scraps of paper or any other random bits and bobs than tend to get lost easily. Perfect!

Available from TheFrenchVikings

3. Concrete Vase Handmade by zinandbert

3 Concrete Vase Handmade

Not all concrete objects must be grey! Painted with splatters of color that resemble a galaxy, this concrete vase looks all sorts of fancy. Ok, so what flowers will you test it with? :)

Available from zinandbert

4. Concrete Diamond Push Pins by PASiNGA

4 Concrete Diamond Push Pins

A set of diamond-shaped push pins? Well, why not? These would make SUCH a cool addition to your office space! They’re the perfect mix of functionality and style.

Available from PASiNGA

5. Concrete Hanging Lamp by GANTlights

5 Concrete hanging lamp

With its minimalistic vibe, gilded interior and gravity-defying looks, this unique concrete lamp has the power to add that special something to a room. Imagine one of them hanging over a dining table or a series of them all lined up along a bar. Either way, the result is superb.

Available from GANTlights

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores