Top Handmade Items For Pets

Welcome to a very special selection of handmade items for your little furry friends. A new collar, a bed for the kitty or a badass dog vest made of denim (yes, really!) are all waiting below. Plus, a little something for your bunny or chinchillas – this mix has it all:

1. Red Leather Cat Collar with Breakaway Buckle by CheshireandWain

01 Red Leather Cat Collar with Breakaway Buckle

Your cat will be the fanciest feline on the block thanks to this bright red collar. Handmade using high quality Italian leather, the pretty collar is also extra safe, thanks to the incorporated breakaway buckle.

Available from CheshireandWain

2. The Cat Ball for Shark Week by TheCatBall

02 The Cat Ball for Shark Week

As well all know, cats love to play hide and seek all over the house, but they can also appreciate a safe place that’s just theirs. So how about a cat bed that serves both purposes? Not to mention, it will look adorable on the floor – and so will your kitty’s head as it pops out of it.

Available from TheCatBall

3. Natural Leather Dog Collar by PenAndSoot

03 Natural leather dog collar

Slowly moving into dog territory with this sleek collar that will make your pet look even more dapper than usual. Because really, who could say no to this beauty? Your dog would surely bark yes if it knew ;)

Available from PenAndSoot

4. Custom Made Dog Vest by PetHaus

04 Custom made Dog Vest

Hold on to your hats, everyone! This might just be the coolest thing you can get for your dog: a custom battle jacket. Choose between 70’s vintage blue or pitch black denim, pick your favorite patches and get a truly one of a kind item for your pooch. Who’s the most badass dog in the park NOW?

Available from PetHaus

5. Cape Cod Style Wooden Playhouse For Rabbits by Habifab

05 Cape Cod style wooden playhouse for rabbits

Suitable not only for rabbits, but also for chinchillas and other small animals, this playhouse is made of unfinished solid poplar. Safe for bunnies to chew on, sturdy and seriously adorable, it ticks all the right boxes.

Available from Habifa

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores