Top 7 Crafts Ideas To Sell

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There are so many craft ideas to sell! Creating and selling handmade products can be a fun and exciting way to make money. In addition, it could also be a lucrative source of income for the sellers that know how to sell their products. Seeing the high demand of crafts in the market, if you are well versed in making crafts, it is highly suggestible that you integrate your talent and hobby into something that makes you money. In order to save you from the hassle of experimenting with several craft ideas before choosing the right ones that sell easily, here are some of the best craft ideas to sell:

1.Appliqués and embroidery

Appliqué applies to variety of crafts, but essentially, it means applying the pieces of fabric, embroidery or other material on a fabric and creating a pattern, design or picture out of it. The various designs present on pillows, comforters, doorstops can easily be made using the art of appliqués. You can sew an appliqué by hand or by using an embroidery machine. Using some of the easy craft skills, you can give a new look to clothes, cushions and other soft furnishings.

If you want to consider machine embroidery check out our guide to buying an embroidery machine. 


Making candles is one of the best craft ideas to sell. Try to make candles at home to sell on special occasions. Scented candles have really picked up demand in recent years, and people do not mind paying a little more for quality handcrafted candles. Wrap the candles well to make them look fancy. For an all rounder product that sells high throughout the year, make unscented white candles. Use the scent and colors in decorative candles very wisely, so that it easily blends with the products you intend to wrap the candle with.

3.Making artistic frosted glasses

Buy cheap wine or brandy glasses from a good thrift store at discount rates. Wrap a pair of rubber bands around them, filling the interior with paper, and then carefully apply the frost finish spray on the outer surface. Once the paint is dry, remove the paper and the rubber band to get a cool etched effect.

4.Make small bird houses

Soda bottles and milk jugs can be cut and turned into bird houses, piggy banks, jack-o-lanterns, bowling pins and toy carriers, to name a few. Wash them and then dry them before using acrylic paints, markers and decorative stickers to make them look glorified. This is one of the easiest craft ideas to sell.

5.Sell ceramic and pottery

Ceramic and pottery includes everything from plates to pot planters. If you can produce an attractive and eye-catching design, you have all that is needed. Creating bowls, vases and useful one off plates can make you good money. You can create cups and bowls on a wheel, or just model them before putting them in the kiln to get the desired shape.

6.Make speciality foods

If you have a penchant for cooking and desire to cook in large batches, you can make delicious food with a long shelf life and sell at public events. Note that in order to do this, it is generally necessary to get your kitchen checked by local authorities; laws can vary depending on where you live. Always do the required homework before selling food to people. Pay for the necessary licenses, if needed.

7.Make jewelry

Making handmade jewelry for yourself is always fun, but have you ever thought that the pieces of jewelry that you make for yourself and your friends can sell high in the market. Out in this world, there is a special clientèle looking for handmade jewelry that is ready to pay good for perfectly crafted items. For a newbie looking for good crafts ideas to sell, the possibilities in this area are endless and your creativity is the only limit.

Hot tips to help sell your crafts

1. If you sell food, make sure that your customers know about the ingredients present in them.

2.Avoid low quality craft materials that age poorly over time. If you need things like glue and paper, make sure that you buy only the high quality raw material.

3.Vary your business offers. Repeat customers want to see something new and fresh when they return.

4.Purchase the supplies and materials in the off-season, so that you are able to keep your costs low. Better yet, arrange the necessary documents and obtain a tax identification number, so that you can buy in bulk without paying the taxes.

From setting up booths at craft shows and farmers markets to selling at concerts and holiday fairs, there are numerous places you can find your target audience. Apart from figuring out the best craft ideas to sell, try to build a broader customer base and make valuable contacts. Branding yourself is the key. Always have a stack of cards ready with you as many people will take your card and contact you later. Never lose any opportunity to share your work.