These Are The Funniest Items You’ll Ever Find On Etsy

The following Etsy finds will put a smile on your face whether you like it or not. Enter the ultimate selection of funny items:

1. Funny Baby Bodysuit by teesandmoretees

Funny baby clothes

“Dad. You can do this.” Those instructions printed on the front should help any budding dads reach their full potential. Pretty much failsafe. Or… not?

Available from teesandmoretees

2. Oh For Fox Sake Mug by SassAndSips

Never say the F word again! This cute little fox will make sure you’re toning it down even when you’re at your angriest. Perfect as a landmark in your desktop landscape or as a funny giveaway to that one choleric colleague.

Available from SassAndSips

3. We did what? Wedding Cake Topper by Muggses

We did what

Show your playful sides even on your wedding day with a fun-tastic sign that’ll have all the guests laughing behind their plates. Kick off that lifelong adventure in the most cheerful way possible!

Available from Muggses

4. Made To Order Funky Sock by fantasticmio

Made to order Funky Sock Tube Scarf

We all have that one friend who puts their foot in their mouth – cue the awkward situations. So why not get literal and get them this funky, mischievous scarf? Hand knit and available in a myriad of colors, it’s the perfect way to poke some fun at their recurring antics.

Available from fantasticmio

5. Custom Horse Mask by PixelPlushShop

Custom Horse Mask

And, finally: no funniest items countdown could be complete without the (now) classic horse mask. Perfect for photobombs, pranks and all kinds of hilarious appearances, this is the ultimate accessory for every gag-loving person out there. Just slide it on and let the fun times begin!

Available from PixelPlushShop

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores