The Most Ridiculously Expensive Items On Etsy

The prices for these Etsy items are juuust a tad higher than you’d expect:

1. Horse by EranBarshop

Price: $330,394.08


Instant Digital Download: 1 JPG included.

(Yes, that’s it!)

Available from EranBarShop

2. Pyramid of 385 Balls by Saperfarbello

Price: $271,864.88

Pyramid of 385 balls

Reaching a total height of 4.6 meters, this modern pyramid is made of no less than 385 steel balls. It takes 3 full months to be completed. Perfect for a city plaza or… for a backyard, if you dare!

Available from Saperfarbello

3. The Big Potter by bigd0ggArt

Price: $250,386.54

The Big Potter

Dedicated to gardening and with money to spare? Then this planter should be right up your alley… Plus, it comes with special delivery slash pickup options: “This piece will be personally delivered by the artist himself or it can be picked up in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). Pickup includes an optional night on the town.”

Available from bigd0ggArt

4. Million Dollar Frog by TerribleOrigami

Price: $250,000.00

Million Dollar Frog

It might say $250,000.00, but the real asking price for this is a cool million – just add 4 to the cart! And, as with other expensive items on this list, the shipping process is quite unique: “FREE SHIPPING. ON HORSEBACK. OFFICE BUILDINGS OKAY.” Whoop, whoop!

Available from TerribleOrigami

5. Teapunk Snail by TheArkanaWorkshop

Price: $249,113.81

Teapunk Snail

Ok, so the price on this one does have an explanation – the artist doesn’t want to let go of it: “I became very attached to my snail and decided I would quite like to keep him.” (Fair enough!)

Available from TheArkanaWorkshop

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores