The Most Ridiculously Expensive Items On Etsy

The prices for these Etsy items are juuust a tad higher than you’d expect:

1. Stan Lee & Ringo Starr AUTOGRAPHED Drum Head by BigRandomOddities

Price: EURO 499,233.23

I say lets help the seller pay off their mortgage with this beautiful piece of memorabilia.

Available from BigRandomOddities

2. Fine and Rare underglaze blue white “kaizhu” seal mark Imperial Qianlong vase by PakdeVintageShop

Price: $150,000

At only 11inches this beauty is one to behold. With a fascinating history it would make for a perfect addition to any antique connoisseur collection. Look past the price tag and you are on to a winner!

Available from PakdeVintageShop

3. 1988 Unopened Original bottle of Stolichnaya Vodka by

Price: $250,386.54

A piece of history. Purchased in Kiev back in 1988. For the vodka and history buffs this maybe one to pick up whilst supporting a good cause. The seller outlines 10% of the proceeds will go to supporting Ukraine.

Available from

4. Million Dollar Frog by TerribleOrigami

Price: $250,000.00

Million Dollar Frog

It might say $250,000.00, but the real asking price for this is a cool million – just add 4 to the cart! And, as with other expensive items on this list, the shipping process is quite unique: “FREE SHIPPING. ON HORSEBACK. OFFICE BUILDINGS OKAY.” Whoop, whoop!

Available from TerribleOrigami

5. Coco the Cat by

Price: $50,010.00

Cats are a hot commodity. We think Coco The Cat is just rad! An Original Mookasso oil painting. Signed by artist. With a very cool life changing price tag. #SupportArtists

Available from

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores