The Coolest Office Supplies On Etsy

Improve the looks and functionality of your office with the following handmade office supplies! From practical to cute, you’re bound to love them all… Take a look:

1. Wooden Desk Organiser by MadeFromGoodDeeds

1 Wooden Desk Organiser

Kicking off the list with a wooden desk organizer that is so versatile, it can hold anything from loose change to stationery or even your mobile phone. Spot on!

Available from MadeFromGoodDeeds

2. Beech wood pencil holder by chocolatecreative

2 Beech wood pencil holder

Pencil holders are a must if you’re to keep your desk clean, but how about reaching for one with unconventional looks? Shaped like a house and finished off with yellow varnish, this neat pencil holder will single-handedly brighten up your office.

Available from chocolatecreative

3. Business Card Holder by GaroSigns

3 Business Card Holder

Show that you mean business with this wooden desk card holder! Nothing says professional more than a stack of business cards ready to be handed out.

Available from GaroSigns

4. Geo Stands by YieldDesignCo

4 Geo Stands

Do you like to keep small photos on your desk? Then these solid brass paperweights are what you need. Bring a touch of style to your desk and see your mood (and your workflow!) improving.

Available from YieldDesignCo

5. Masking Tape Holder by minkislovethailand

5 Masking Tape Holder

Ok, maybe this tape holder doesn’t fit into a corporate office, but consider it for your home desk. Its cute design and functional approach will surely prove useful around the house. Perfect as a gift for students, too! ;)

Available from minkislovethailand

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores