The Best Handmade Furniture Pieces On Etsy

Thought Etsy was just for accessories and small decorative objects? Think again. These show-stopping furniture pieces are not only made by hand, they’re also ridiculously good-looking:

1. Beautiful And Modern Coffee Table by WunderartShop

1 coffee table

Blending modern and traditional influences, this sleek coffee table is a must have for anyone who’s into contemporary design. Goes with everything else in your living room, too ;)

Available from WunderartShop

2. SKINNY BETTY hall stand by Milkcart

2 SKINNY BETTY hall stand

If you’re into Scandinavian aesthetics, then this is the just the thing for you! With a modern design and impeccable looks, this side table will keep things clean and in their place.

Available from Milkcart

3. S Shelf by KinoGuerin

3 S Shelf

Easy to mistake for a work of art, this S-shaped shelf is about to attract lots of admiring stares. And how could it not? Made out of bent laminated plywood (Walnut veneer), it is single handedly repositioning shelves as statement interior décor items.

Available from KinoGuerin

4. PLUTOO Clothes Stand by Studio3Sdesign

4 PLUTOO clothes stand

Combining the efficiency of a drying rack and the practicality of a clothes valet, the contemporary-designed Plutoo will keep your frequently used clothes all in one place and also wrinkle-free. Excellent!

Available from Studio3Sdesign

5. Barstuul – Asymmetrical Bar Stool by Quartertwenty

5 Barstuul - Asymmetrical Bar Stool

With striking lines and functional design, the Barstull makes sure your feet always rest at the right height. Just pick whichever side fits best – switch, switch, switch!

Available from Quartertwenty

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores