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Maximise Your Etsy Audience and Increase Your Sales: A New Way To See Your Etsy Store

About The Book

The landscape of online sales is always evolving. The pace of change in the world of online commerce can be daunting as trends come and go. Things change, but the one constant is that online businesses need a loyal audience. That’s why we’ve written The Art of Audience Building for Etsy Sellers.

At Hunting Handmade, we’ve studied the way customers and boutique businesses interact online, and developed powerful ideas that deliver proven results and help online stores to grow by leveraging the social power of the Internet.

It is through this thinking that we been able to make our flagship venture Esty Hunter one of the most popular craft-sales platforms on Instagram. The Hunting Handmade system is easy to learn and easy to put into practice – and it can all be yours for $19.80.

Download our eBook now to learn the Art of Audience Building, and start fostering relationships online to earn trust, audience and customers, so you can start to profit from your passion. The Art of Audience Building is all about seizing opportunity when you see it.

The Art of Audience Building for Etsy Sellers is 64 Pages (with bonus content) and is available in PDF format.

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