The 5 Best Geeky Handmade Items On Etsy

Star Wars and Super Mario references, along with a few subtle nods to chemistry and maths are all on today’s special list. Check out the top 5 geekiest (and coolest) items Etsy has to offer:

1. Periodic Table Bow Tie by uniquechicbowtique

1 Periodic Table Bow Tie

Who knew science could look SO fashionable? Bright and eye-catching, this handmade bow tie will make you look smart on any occasion – even if it’s not science related. ;) Get your geek on and dare to stand out!

Available from uniquechicbowtique

2. Colorful Mario Question Mark Block Lamp by TheBackPackShoppe

2 Colorful Mario Question Mark Block Lamp

Huge Mario fan? Show off that passion with this cool handmade lamp. Colorful and unique, this interior décor item successfully blends practicality with a geeky mindset. Win-win!

Available from TheBackPackShoppe

3. Floppy Disk Coasters by TechnoChic

3 Floppy Disk Coasters

It doesn’t really get any geekier than this! Reminisce about the good old times while taking a sip out of your favorite beverage – these cheerful (and retro) floppy disk coasters will be there to protect your furniture. As seen on everyone’s favorite geeky show, the Big Bang Theory, on the side table next to Sheldon’s spot!

Available from TechnoChic

4. Stars Wars Nerd Wooden Cutting Board by UniqueEngravedGifts

4 Stars Wars Nerd Wooden Cutting Board

Star Wars will be back on the big screens at the end of this year, so make sure you wait for the big return in style! Kick off the thematic celebrations with a super awesome cutting board that’s handmade especially for the nerdy chef in you. Perfect for serving a round of bread and cheese when your friends come over. May the force be with you!

Available from UniqueEngravedGifts

5. Pi Wall Clock by iluxo

5 Pi Wall Clock

For those who are looking for a geeky touch on an otherwise minimalistic item, this is just the thing you were looking for: a Pi wall clock! Handmade and with an irresistible appeal, it’ll make a fun gift for your nerdy best friend or, you know… for yourself! :)

Available from iluxo

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores