Ten Budget Friendly Ways to Design a Beautiful Workspace

I’ve always felt that the importance of working in a space you love plays an essential role in presenting quality work. A workspace that inspires the soul and provides you with an area where you can focus, create and achieve what you have set out to accomplish.

Today I’m going to share ten great ways you can create a workspace that you absolutely love without breaking the bank!

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Tip #1 | Uncommon Storage Solutions

Think out of the box when trying to find storage solutions for your workspace. Most of the time things that aren’t usually used for storage actually work out better. Check out these beautiful copper pipes that were used to hold washi tape. You can drill those pipes down to your desk to create a unique storage solution that is sure to bring tons of flair to your workspace.

Tip #2 | Do it Yourself

Do it yourself projects can save tons of money, while giving you the look you want to achieve in your workspace. I always recommend taking a walk around your favorite home decor store like West Elm or CB2 to find pieces that you really love and then try to think of a cool way you can reproduce the piece by hand.

Here’s a fun idea, recycle a couple of different size food cans. Then take a trip to your local hardware store to purchase a small piece of wood about 4 inches wide and 15 inches long and also grab your favorite color spray paint. Place all of your cans on the piece of wood about one inch apart and on the inside of each can drill a small screw through the can and into the wood. If you don’t have a drill or don’t want to get too technical you can always use glue such as Liquid Nails to attach your cans to the wood. Once you’ve got your cans attached to your wood, you’re ready for spray paint. Set up near a window or outdoors, protect the area you are working on with a cloth tarp and spray paint the cans and wood. Allow everything to dry thoroughly and apply one more coat of spray paint. The end result will be an awesome handmade pen/ supply holder to pretty up that workspace of yours while saving some serious cash!

Tip #3 | Artwork

You don’t need to break the bank in order to add artwork to your walls. Think out of the box. Paper can be crafted into so many beautiful works of art. Try origami or craft up some beautiful paper flowers.

Tip # 4 | Stationary

Stationary is a great and very inexpensive way to bring color (and organization) to your workspace. Search Etsy for a great wall calendars or even search the web for some fun free printables.

Tip #5 | Hunt for Gems

I always recommend searching through Craigslist or any local yard sales. You can truly find some amazing pieces for great prices. You can also find pieces that you can refurbish yourself that will have an incredible outcome.

Tip #6 | Use What You Have

A lot of people hear the words “makeover” or “beautiful workspace” and they think that it consists of buying all new furniture and decor to re-design the space but that’s TOTALLY NOT TRUE! You can use so much of what you already have to design your workspace.

Rearrange some of furniture in your workspace, organize, add a fun throw to a chair, angle a rug or even take a walk through your home and search for things that may be useful in your workspace. I can almost guarantee you’ll be able to design a beautiful workspace for yourself without even leaving your home!

Tip #7 | Natural Light and Fresh Air

Moving your workspace to a window or an area that has a lot of natural light will fill your workspace with comfort and ease. Although this may not be an option for some because you can only work with the space you have. But for those who do have the option available to you I would definitely recommend it.

Tip #8 | Create a Mood Board

Mood boards are so much fun! They allow you to keep all of your inspiration in one space. Grab a magazine and cut out some fun clippings, inspiring words and fashionable outfits. Skies the limit with a mood board so enjoy designing it.

Tip #9 | Washi Tape

Washi tape comes in so many fun colors and patterns. It’s a great and very inexpensive way to add decor to your workspace! I love the idea of printing some fun family photos and using washi tape to place them in a fun pattern on the wall. Instant art!!

Tip #10 | Plants

I love being surrounded by greenery. Plants are an awesome way to bring in color to your workspace. It’s also very budget friendly! Purchase some pots, paint some fun designs on them and add a plant!! Voila!

Well there you have it.

Creating a beautiful workspace doesn’t have to break the bank after all now does it?!!

I’ve given you ten creative ways to pretty up that space so go have some fun, get some designing done and make that workspace an inspiring one!

Writer, Taina Cunningham

Fresh Wood Studio