The Best Tags For Handmade Items

Are you an Etsy seller? Then this one’s for you! We all know what an impact tags and labels can have on your finished products. And, since we’ve already covered the best fabric labels you can get on Etsy, it was high time we focused on tags as well. Everything from baked goods to jewelry and to knitted or home décor items can benefit from the added flair bestowed by a well-made tag. Custom made to represent you and your business and with stunning looks to match, these tags for handmade items will undoubtedly make a difference.

Ahead, 5 stunning options will have you covered, regardless what products you’re selling. Made from white, kraft or pastel paper, these are the wonderful finishing touches you’ve been aching for… Keep on reading:

1. Product Tags by PrintSmitten

1 Product tags

Especially designed for handmade goods that were knitted, sewed or crocheted, these adorable tags are perfect for conveying any special care instructions. The text on them can be fully and easily customized – just send your preferred text in a note to the seller. Keep in mind that the tags are narrow, so a succession of short words works best.

These cool tags also come with twine in a color of your choosing, so you can start using them right away – ideal for scarfs, hats, mittens, coaster, sweaters, bags or stuffed animals. So cute! For full details and the direct product link see above.

Available from PrintSmitten

2. Customized Necklace Cards by HomegrownGems

2 Customized Necklace Cards

Manufacturing jewelry items? Then these fancy, custom printed necklace cards would be a superb way to display them. Easy to customize with your own logo at the top and the address of your website at the bottom, the cards are available in a multitude of shapes and paper weights so you can mix and match as you please. The even better part? They can be made with any types of cuts or holes you require, depending on your product type (necklace, earrings, necklace plus earrings etc.).

Also worth noting is the fact that the cards are designed, printed and cut in the seller’s home. Cool! Check out the full listing by clicking the direct link above.

Available from HomegrownGems

3. Hand Knit Product Labels by PrintSmitten

3 Hand Knit Product Labels

Are you a knitter? Then these charming tags should be right up your alley! They’re printed on high quality cover stock paper and can also be customized to say “Hand Crocheted” or “Hand Sewn”. And, of course, you can pick the color of the heart – there’s a handy little chart in the product listing.

You should also know that these are sold as a set of 25 and come with 25 feet of natural colored twine, so you can start adorning your products asap. Fabulous, wouldn’t you say? Click above for the direct product link.

Available from PrintSmitten

4. 30 Pastel Tags by percivalroad

4 30 Pastel Tags

If you’ve been looking for something other than kraft or white paper tags, check out these pastel beauties! Perfect to use for pricing your goods in a variety of situations, these tags will add a bit of extra charm to your work. Shaped like discs, these come as a set of 30, in a mix of colors – soft pink, lilac, yellows, blues. Super sweet! And, if you also wish to have a cotton string added to each of them, you can simply let the seller know. Awesome! Discover the direct product link above.

Available from percivalroad

5. 25 Made Especially For You Tags by karliboutique

5 25 Made Especially For You Tags

With some Etsy sellers, it’s more about the message than about branding – so why not show the clients just how special their order is with a distinct set of tags? Handmade and stamped with a suggestive “made especially for you” message, these are ideal reminders of the unique nature of your products. Simply run a string through the pre-punched holes and attach the tags to any ready-to-ship products.

These tags are sold as sets of 25 and come in an off-white/manila color and with blank backsides. Oh, and aren’t the scalloped tops and rounded edges simply irresistible? The direct link to the listing can be found above.

Available from karliboutique

Happy shopping!

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores