Handmade Soap Can Be Great For Men Too

There are tons of different kinds of soaps out there for women, but for men, the options are a bit more limited. Red Leaf Bath and Body has a line of “soap and shave” soaps that are designed specifically with men in mind. The soaps come in a number of different manly scents: leather, firewood, lettuce, black tea and clover. You can buy the handmade soaps on their own, or as part of a gift set. We love the idea of handmade soaps for men. What other handmade items do you like making or buying the men in your life?

Image credit: Red Leaf Bath and Body

Cupcake Soap is a Dessert Lover’s Dream

No one would blame you if you headed to the  bakery after taking a shower with this soap. The creation of Etsy seller theblacktiemarket, Cupcake soap smells distinctly like one of our favorite baked goods.

The moisturizing bar leaves you with the scent of sugar, vanilla, whipped creme and orange while it moisturizes your skin with creamy shea butter. Truly a delight!