7 Of The Best Inspirational and Motivational Dream Big Quotes

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21 Business Quotes For Etsy Sellers

business quotes

Business Quotes Every Etsy Seller Must Read Coming up to the end of the year it’s always good to have a little bit of wisdom injected into you! It helps with motivation, goal setting and pushing harder in the New Year. Selling online can be a slippy slope at times, it can be overwhelming but … Read more

Fuel Your Mind With These Inspiring Creativity Quotes

Completely uninspired? Bored? Or simply… blah? As a creator, it’s so, so easy to sink into the deep hole of tedious tasks and completely ignore the forceful push of creativity. There’s something you can do, though: read through these gems to feel 100% inspired, bursting with ideas and super motivated to continue on your journey. … Read more

Follow Your Vision

A little motivation for you today from writer Ayn Rand. If you’ve got a vision for what you want to make, the sky’s the limit! Image credit: Wikimedia/ Cory Doctorow  

Need a Little Motivation?

We all need a little motivation sometimes. This quote is a good reminder to work hard at your craft everyday. The momentum will keep you going! Image credit: Pinterest