Cupcake Soap is a Dessert Lover’s Dream

No one would blame you if you headed to the  bakery after taking a shower with this soap. The creation of Etsy seller theblacktiemarket, Cupcake soap smells distinctly like one of our favorite baked goods.

The moisturizing bar leaves you with the scent of sugar, vanilla, whipped creme and orange while it moisturizes your skin with creamy shea butter. Truly a delight!

Cross Stitch Gets Cool

Who says cross stitching is just for grandmothers? These days there are tons of interesting cross stitch patterns out there that can turn the craft into something much more modern. Cross stitch projects typically aren’t expensive to undertake, and they also don’t take up a ton of space, making them the perfect thing to carry … Read more

Protect Your Lips and Animals Simultaneously

AmbiguousYou’s Etsy Store sells a number of handmade beauty items The store’s “Ultimate Healing Vegan Lip Balm”  takes its standard vegan lip balm to a new level. The balm includes calendula-infused coconut oil and avocado oil for speeding up your lip’s recovery and grapefruit oil to give the balm a delightful taste. The best part? … Read more

Turn Old Books Into Art

An old book can quickly turn into a fun DIY project, perhaps one you can even earn a little extra cash with. Etsy user naturapicta takes old dictionary pages and transforms them into pieces of art by screen printing on top of them.  The result is a unique piece with a famous quote, image, or … Read more

Prrpost’s March of Fibres Yarn Bowl is One of a Kind

Use one handmade item to create another. This March of Fibres yarn bowl was created by Etsy user prrpots. the one-of-a-kind bowl  was inspired by a March of the Fibres sweater pattern created by Elizabeth Lovick, and was molded on a potter’s wheel and then hard carved without the help of any molds our templates. … Read more