10 Best Mushroom Decor Items To Add A Whimsical Aesthetic To Your Home

mushroom decor

The mushroom décor trend is taking the world by storm, challenging people to think of out-of-the-box, coming up with whimsical aesthetics for their homes. Fortunately, we’ve run into quite a few mushroom décor options over at ETSY that, at the very least, will inspire you to think out of the box. Though you can always … Read more

Wall Decals Can Add Color To Your Space

You don’t have to paint your walls or damage them hanging frames in order to give them a unique look. Vinyl wall decals have started to really grow in popularity, and can  spruce up the look of your kitchen, bedroom or nursery in a beautiful yet non-committal way. We really love this Peter Pan decal  in Quirkyworks33’s  shop. The inexpensive decal can add a bit of whimsy to your child’s bedroom, and can be easily removed when they outgrow it without damaging the paint on your wall. They’re a beautiful and practical solution.