Unique Suit & Tie Accessories For The Modern Gentleman

Attention all dapper gentlemen! We’ve uncovered the secret ingredients to help you look good at any formal event from now on: handmade suit&tie accessories.

That’s right… a unique, well chosen accessory will make you stand out in the crowd with little to no effort on your part.

The only thing you do need to do beforehand?

Make sure you’ve chosen it so that it perfectly reflects your personality. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a romantic soul or a contemporary minimalist, below you’ll find something that’s juuust right for you.

Start browsing below:

1. Men’s Bow Tie Vintage Silk by BeauTieUK

1 mens bow tie vintage silk

Ah, yes: this bow tie from Beau Tie UK is ideal for the modern gent who likes his accessories classic, but with a twist. It is hand made from black and white vintage silk with a polka dot print and it is 100% stunning! The vintage silk gives it a je-ne-sais-quoi that will make all the difference at a formal event.

The bow tie comes pre-tied and will be nested in a decorated smart box with a handwritten note attached. If you’re getting it as a present for a special someone, it is possible to customize the note. So lovely, right? Check out the listing now!

Available from BeauTieUK

2. Real Sports Ball Cufflinks by bitsandbadges

3 Real Sports Ball Cufflinks

This is for all sports fans out there: ever thought you could get a pair of cufflinks that are made from real gear? Golf balls, base balls, tennis balls, basket balls, rugby balls or foot balls… you name it! Coming from Bits and Badges on Etsy, these unique and fun cufflinks are crafted by removing the outside layers of the balls and setting them into cufflink sockets. Crazy cool!

Of course, each pair of cufflinks is completely one-of-a-kind and is instantly recognizable. Just look at this assortment of textures and colors! And now, for the real question: which one will you pick to wear to your next formal event? The direct link is above.

Available from bitsandbadges

3. Maroon Tie by TheBestBoysTies

2 Maroon Tie

This sleek tie from The Best Boys Ties proves that classic doesn’t have to mean boring. Hand crafted from cotton fabric, this tie will easily become a staple in any respectable gentleman’s closet.

The dark, saturated red is a color that will prove to be incredibly versatile. Wear this skinny tie to a special event, to a wedding, a photography session or just on a fancy night out on the town… the sky’s the limit when it comes to mix-and-matching. Have fun!

Available from TheBestBoysTies

4. Dark Vibrant Floral Pocket Square by NeckAndTieco

5 Dark Vibrant Floral Pocket Square

Ever seen a pocket square *this* gorgeous? The right accessory for any man who wishes to add a floral touch to his formal wear, this dark and sleek pocket square makes a bold statement!

The dark and vibrant print.

The gorgeous colors.

The elegant vibes… Simply irresistible!

Coming from NeckAndTieco, the pocket square is handmade out of 100% cotton fabric. Oh, and you can choose between square or rounded corners. Whichever suits your style better! Ready to see the full listing? Head to the link above.

Available from NeckAndTieco

5. Wenge Wood Tie Clip by TwinsWoodCompany

4 Wenge Wood Tie Clip

Never underestimate the power of a well-made tie clip! Just look at this one: hand made by TwinsWood, an Etsy shop specializing in unique wooden accessories, this tie clip can single-handedly take your look to the next level.

Crafted out of natural wenge wood, this tie clip will effortlessly add a modern twist to the classic button-down-plus-tie look. Also, note that you can get it engraved with your own initials or favorite symbol. Click over for more details and keep in mind that you can complete the look with a pair of matching cufflinks. Simply look for them in the shop by following the links. :)

Available from TwinsWoodCompany

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores