Special Etsy Finds That 90s Kids Will Love

Tamagotchis, butterfly hair clips, a Discman, the Power Rangers… the 90s were quite a ride, weren’t they? Take a trip down memory lane with these 5 retro items and feel the nostalgia creeping in. Better than a time machine! Which ones will you get?

1. TAMAGOTCHI Bandai Giochi preziosi Vintage 1996 RARE by UsagiMoonVintage


Taking care of a virtual pet you could carry on a keychain was all the rage in the 90s… so why not relive those moments with a vintage Tamagotchi? Keep it on display or pull it out whenever likeminded friends come over. Cue the sentimental comments.

Available from UsagiMoonVintage

2. VTG Butterfly / Flower Hair Clips by garbageofthegalaxy

2 VTG Butterfly

Tiny, colorful hair clips were some of the best accessories of the 90s – right up there with tattoo chokers and slap bracelets. And the cooler you were, the more clips you had in your hair. So the only question that remains for you now is… butterflies or flowers? ;)

Available from garbageofthegalaxy

3. Hanson Sub Tee by Theliquorstore14

3 Hanson Sub Tee

Who could forget MMMBop, arguably the soundtrack of EVERY 90s childhood? If you too were a Hanson fan, then this T-shirt is a must have – best throwback… ever!

Available from Theliquorstore14

4. Power Rangers Vintage 1994 Curtain Panel by Kultur

5 Power Rangers

The Power Rangers, another true 90s staple! Pick your favorites once again, as you compare the characters on this original curtain panel. The perfect gift for yourself or that nostalgic friend of yours, wouldn’t you say? :)

Available from Kultur

5. Old school Sony Discman by LucaTiesso

The feels, oh, the feels! Being seen with one of these babies made you a star in the 90s… and it could do so even now. Place the Sony Discman on your desk, connect it to your speakers and evoke a time when things went by at a slower pace and music streaming services weren’t a thing yet. Kick back, relax and… enjoy!

Available from LucaTiesso

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores