Simplicity At Its Best: Top 5 Minimalistic Items On Etsy

If you’re a regular fan of pared-down designs, this selection will be straight up your alley. And even if you’re not, you’ll be instantly converted. Check out these minimalistic handmade items and start simplifying your life:

1. FLAT Coffee Table by MKLNfurniture

1 FLAT coffee table

Meet your new coffee table! Its wooden top may appear to float freely in mid air, but it is firmly supported by a sleek acrylic structure. Your guests will surely do a double take ;)

Available from MKLNfurniture

2. Minimalist Backpack With Adjustable Leather Straps by InconnuLAB

2 Minimalist backpack

Upgrade your urban style with this minimalistic backpack! Besides being very practical (hello, free hands), it is also water-repellent and oh-so-chic. Winning on all fronts, it appears :)

Available from InconnuLAB

3. Iris Gold And Black Minimal Design Table Lamp by Lambater

3 Iris Gold And Black Minimal Design Table

Brighten up your home with this eye-catching piece! With a clear structure and pared-down design elements, this lamp looks stunning even when it’s turned off.

Available from Lambater

4. Minimalist Merino Wool Felt Wallet by Ecolution

4 Minimalist Merino wool felt wallet

Handmade out of soft wool felt, this minimalistic wallet is an item you didn’t even know you needed. It may appear small, but don’t let its size fool you: it can hold up to 8 credit cards plus some folded cash. Just stash it in your pocket and go.

Available from Ecolution

5. Minimalist Geometric Gold Triangle Cutout Earrings by shoprarebird

5 Minimalist Geometric Gold Triangle Cutout Earrings

And finally, a minimalistic item for all the ladies out there: this lovely pair geometric earrings is about to become your go to, everyday accessory. With a light design, polished finish and subtle appeal, these are the perfect candidates for the “new favorite jewellery” title. Can you say no? :)

Available from shoprarebird

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores