Read On: The Coolest Bookends On Etsy

Match the fantasy worlds from favorite stories with a pair of cool bookends. Besides keeping the volumes upright and in perfect order, these artful accessories will also spice up your reading space…

1. Metal Bookends Feathers by DesignAtelierArticle

1 Metal Bookends Feathers

Here’s proof that bookends can fit in even with a minimalistic setting! Light and discrete, these metallic book holders are adorned with two matching feathers – a subtle décor addition to your favorite room.

Available from DesignAtelierArticle

2. Concrete Elephants by ElementalDesignStore

Sleek and elegantly designed are sure to impress and make for an ideal gift for any elephant lover,  would work perfectly with a modern and minimal interior décor theme. And yes: good luck included.

Available from ElementalDesignStore

3. Blue Wave and Sun Bookends by MapleShadeKids

A superb addition to any nursery. The ocean vibes of this bookend set is simply stunning will make sure all your child’s favorite reads are organized, easy to find and, of course, well guarded. Practical and oh-so-cute! Can we have a holiday already?

Available from MapleShadeKids

4. Wooden House Bookends by CraftGiftsGM

With a slightly scandinavian vibe, these houose bookends are ideal for a clean and efficient office/home space. Use the two large houses as bookend statement pieces. Perfect for any interior designer or architect.

Available from CraftGiftsGM

5. Red Owl Bookend and Eyglasses Holder by Uligo

5 Red Owl Bookend and Eyglasses Holder

This red owl will not only keep your books in order, it’ll also help you find your glasses! Just place them on its nose when you’re done reading and you’ll never have to frantically search for them again. Pretty cool, eh?

Available from Uligo

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores

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