The Best Handmade Etsy Handbags And Purses Available Now

Etsy Handbags We’ve selected the best Etsy bag listings, from handmade leather handbags to shoulder handbags, crossbody and tote handbags. Choose from a tiny purse or a large brown tote for your morning commute to a night out on the town, the following handmade handbags and purses will stand by you each time. 1. Goat … Read more

The 7 Best Etsy Candles Listings To Shop Right Now

Etsy Candles A change of seasons is the perfect time to pick a whole new scent for your home. What better way to do this than choosing the ideal candle scent. Whether your looking to create a warm and cozy vibe, or perhaps a fresh and invigorating atmosphere, we have a candle that’s right for … Read more

Best Embroidery Machines – Top 10 Guide

best embroidery machines

Picking from one of the top embroidery machines out there may be a daunting process, as there is a lot to consider for both rookies and professionals. Every embroidery and sewing machines unique and have a lot of different features, capabilities, sizes, and additional accessories. For example, you can easily get a simple, cheap, and … Read more

Are you making the #1 mistake of Etsy Sellers?

Etsy is a super competitive marketplace, in fact, any online selling is super competitive and to be in with a chance to succeed on Etsy you have to get the fundamentals of your store right from day 1. By laying firm foundations across your store, you give yourself the opportunity to thrive in the world … Read more

How To Dominate Your Goals

Raise your hand if you’ve ever set a goal for your business, only to find yourself procrastinating it away. We’ve all been there. The truth of the matter is, setting a goal (no matter how big or small) will immediately put you in do-it-later mode. It goes something like this: I’ll get to it eventually. There … Read more

Why Great Photos Matter To Your Etsy Business

Let’s just face it: this week’s subject is hardly a shocker. “OF COURSE having kick-ass photos is a must. Tell me something I don’t know!” If this is you right now… well, you’re not wrong. But there IS more to the story. ;) Below we’re uncovering 3 little-known reasons why photography is so important along with some solid tips … Read more

Etsy Branding – Understand Your Branding Message

Always pondering what makes some Etsy shops stand out? Why some have more success than others? Or how they manage to attract the right customers for them? Well, it all boils down to one sweet word: branding. It may sound ambitious, but it’s quite easy to figure out. Your branding roadmap, below: Here’s how to easily brand your Etsy shop… … Read more

21 Business Quotes For Etsy Sellers

business quotes

Business Quotes Every Etsy Seller Must Read Coming up to the end of the year it’s always good to have a little bit of wisdom injected into you! It helps with motivation, goal setting and pushing harder in the New Year. Selling online can be a slippy slope at times, it can be overwhelming but … Read more

5 Awesome Toys For Big Kids

cigar box guitar

It doesn’t matter what age you are, there is always the need of the big kid screaming out for something cool or fun to get your hands on! We have found some awesome items on Etsy for the Big Kid inside of you! These 5 goodies are perfect for the ideal gift or even the … Read more

5 Candy-Like Rings You Can Wear With Anything

Shopping for everyday rings just got better! Instead of rummaging through every shop in the mall to find something worth your pennies, how about you kick back and let us do the work? Etsy is a never ending source of spectacular pieces, and we’ve scooped up the top 5 rings we’re sure you’ll adore. Because, … Read more