Our 2016 Ultimate Guide To Etsy Halloween Costumes

It’s (almost) that time of the year again!

Time to dust off your favorite Halloween costume, try it on and get EXCITED for what’s to come!

What’s that?

You don’t have a Halloween costume?

(Or you do but it’s kind of worn out and raggedy-looking?)

No worries: we’ve been scouring Etsy high and low to bring you the sickest, coolest, craziest handmade Halloween costumes… EVER!

Yes, that is indeed a big claim to make. But wait ‘till you see what we have in store for you!

Below you’ll find Halloween costumes for kids, women and men. Browse and share your favorites!

Handmade Halloween Costumes For Kids

Aren’t kids just the cutest on Halloween?

There are few sights more endearing than a kid walking up to you in the street in a “scary” cape or costume: “Rawr, rawr, I’m gonna eat you…!!”

So if you have a little one, don’t miss out on the opportunity of going all out!

Enough chi-chat: here are 5 of the cutest kid’s Halloween costumes on Etsy.

Fox Cape by lilimaginationsshop

Fox Cape Halloween Costume Kids

D’awww! Etsy shop Little Imaginations sells handmade, dress-up costumes which will spark your child’s creativity. And this hooded, dress-up cape perfectly illustrates that idea. It’s a simple way to spice up your kid’s outfit without getting into any complicated details. Just put it on, tie it around the neck and your kid will be good to go. Plenty of room for movement and mischiefs. :)

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Skunk Costume by ThumbelinaWorkshop

(C)Maya Havkin- Photographer
(C)Maya Havkin- Photographer

What about this lovable number? This Halloween costume from Thumbelina Workshop looks like lots of fun, yes. But it’s also comfortable and easy to move around in. Win and win! The suit is hand made from soft fleece and decorated with synthetic fur. And it has a front zipper and a comfy cap, making it easy to get in and out. Your kid will surely want to put it on long after Halloween has passed.

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Gorilla Costume by oKidz

Gorilla Costume

oKidz has some insanely awesome Halloween costumes for children! Case in point? This delightful and versatile gorilla. Fit for boys and girls, the costume is made out of black polar fabric, apart from the cute tummy, which is grey. Up top, the hoodie is defined by a cute gorilla face. The costume is sleeveless, so your kid can wear either a T-shirt or a long-sleeve underneath. Season-proof and so much fun!

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Halloween Elf Costume by inbalcarmistudio

Halloween Elf costume

This one’s for all the little girls who’ve always dreamed of becoming a magical creature! This handmade elf costume is perfect for Halloween and beyond, thanks to its pure, childish colors and  its cuter-than-life details. The costume includes a dress, which is made from lightweight cotton and fluffed up with tulle, as well as a pointy hat. The hat will stay pointed at all times thanks to the corset boning that is sewn inside. Yay for the cuteness!

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Yellow Fish Hooded Cape by SevenWhiteRabbits

Yellow Fish Hooded Cape

Whimsical and fun, this handmade fish cape is a must-have as a simple Halloween costume or, why not, even as an everyday playtime accessory. That’s because the bright yellow felt contrasts wonderfully with the intense blue on the fin and stripes. Plus, the cape closes in the front with Velcro, so it’s child-safe. Winning!

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Handmade Halloween Costumes For Women

Ready to slay with your Halloween costume this year?

Thought so!

And we’ve got just the right ideas to help you.

Read on to discover the absolute chicest handmade costumes:

Skeleton Bones Costume by BADINKA

Designer Skeleton Costume

Etsy shop Badinka makes the raddest skeleton bones costumes out there! Seriously, just look at it! The costume is hand made out of Italian Lycra and comes with a hidden zip at the back, ensuring a perfect fit. It is available in five sizes, so you simply know you’re going to find the perfect match. Oh, and the coolest feature? It’ll glow surreally if there’s a UV light nearby. You’ll attract ALL the admiring looks! The skeleton costume is fully designed, produced and manufactured by Chavdar Dobrev.

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Wednesday Addams Halloween Dress by FrenchieYork

Wednesday Addams Halloween Dress

Want to look super chic in a classic Halloween costume? Look no further than this gorgeous handmade dress! All black and made from high-quality stretch cotton, it comes with a white, Peter Pan-style collar that’s available in two styles: round or pointy. Excited to channel Wednesday Addams’ unique aura? All you need is this dress, a simple braided hairstyle and some white face paint to finish off the look.

Buy from FrenchieYork

Striped Costume by TrappedInTimeDesigns

Striped Costume

What a stunner! Trapped In Time Designs is a one-of-a-kind shop that focuses on handmade garments with a whimsical, fantastic twist. And doesn’t it show! Take this sublime costume for example: it includes a maxi ruffled collar, a striped cinched skirt and matching, full length leggings. Who’s going to be the wildest creature in the room? Don’t think about that too much… YOU will! :)

Buy from TrappedInTimeDesigns

Unisex Hooded Cloak by armstreet

Unisex Hooded Cloak

Oh, yes: take your costume game to a whole new level with this hooded coat from ArmStreet! This incredible Etsy shop specializes in medieval costumes and accessories with a fantastical twist, mixing technologies and techniques. Everything they make is historically relevant (not to mention impeccably made), so you just *know* you’re going to knock it out of the park if you throw on this cloak for Halloween. Whether you’re looking to add an extra dose of mystery or just to make a particular dramatic entrance, this cloak has you covered. Ha! :)

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Green Orange and Black Witch Hat by englishrosedesignsoh

Green Orange and Black Witch Hat

On Halloween, all you need is a strategically chosen accessory to make an impression… so here’s your pick for this year: a majestic witch hat! Crafted from black felt, tulle, marabou feathers, ribbons and silk florals, this symphony of a hat will single-handedly take your outfit from blah to fabulous! This handmade item is created from high-quality silks which give it a unique and elegant touch. Excited about becoming the most sophisticated witch ever? Click below.

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Handmade Halloween Costumes For Men

And, finally: here is our kick-ass selection for all you dapper gents out there!

Forget about all those run-of-the-mill Halloween costumes that everybody has: this year, you can go dressed as dinosaur, a roadkill bunny (yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds) or an extravagant bird.

Your top choices are laid out below:

Knight Hoodie by iamknight

knight hoodie

This eye-catching hoodie is proof that a Halloween costume doesn’t have to be complicated! It just has to be very well made. And this is exactly what Catherine Kim from iamknight does. This hoodie is designed for modern warriors and comes with detailed shoulder and elbow pads, plus a front kangaroo pocket. This attention-grabber will always be custom made: you are required to submit your chest and height dimensions with your order. Go get your moment in the spotlight!

Buy from iamknight

Monkey Suit from BlamoToys

MONKEY SUIT for Men and Women

How about a funky monkey costume to parade around in? This one comes from Blamo Toys, it’s designed by Spencer Hansen and it can be made to fit creatures big or small. The item is crafted with utmost care from 100% cotton knit. It has 3 pockets, a row of buttons and practical thumbholes. And now come the details: foam-filled monkey ears and a knit tail that you can wrap in any shape you want. Check it out now!

Buy from BlamoToys

Dapper Dinosaur Onesie by BangBangCrash

Dapper Dinosaur Onesie

Haven’t you heard? Dinosaurs CAN be dapper! Coming from BangBangCrash, this fun costume has a soft and fleecy yellow tummy and comes with a large padded tail that will move around as you walk. Other details include ferocious felt spines down the back and a mean, toothy face up on the hood. Fierce! Go see!

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Mens Masquerade Mask by gringrimaceandsqueak

Mens masquerade mask

Wanna take the extra fashionable route this Halloween (and every masked ball you’ll ever attend)? Behold this handmade mask! Crafted from red enamelled wire and decorated with red and silver beads, this show-stopping piece is the ultimate statement accessory. It ties with a black satin ribbon, allowing for a comfortable fit around your head. Delicate and stylish!

Buy from gringrimaceandsqueak

Roadkill Bunny Rabbit Halloween Costume by missnessamonster

Roadkill Bunny

Score the most points in the originality department with this ingenious roadkill bunny costume! Coming from Etsy shop missnessamonster, this irresistible, cuddly and, well, dead bunny is portrayed with a massive chest wound and a stack of guts. Talk about realism! :) The costume is crafted out of felt and it will be made to fit your exact measurements, so don’t forget to send them in! At no extra charge, the seller offers to run it over with the car for authenticity. You just know this costume is the real deal – it’s made with such an eye for detail! Go on bunny, hop on over to the listing! If you dare!

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Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores; Top image via Unsplash.