Neons! The 5 Most Colorful Items On Etsy

After yesterday’s soft, minty selection, it’s time to add a more intense punch to your day, life and wardrobe. Here are the perfect candidates for the task: neons! Wanna see what they can do for you? Read on…

1. Baby Mobile by merakiandco

01 Baby Mobile

This must be one the items you’d least expect to find in this selection. The truth is that the pink neon base, subtle gradient and soft pink upper part are delightful to look at. And that’s exactly how the baby will feel as well!

Available from merakiandco

2. Neon Blue Modern Macrame Plant Hanger by TheVintageLoop

02 Neon blue modern macrame plant hanger

File this one under “things you didn’t even know you needed”. Seriously, a plant hanger made of sturdy paracord in a bright blue color would look superb in your home, office, garden… anywhere, really!

Available from TheVintageLoop

3. Neon Leather Gray by LAUTERLABELS

03 neon bracelet

It couldn’t have been a neon-themed round-up without a crazily colored bracelet, could it? This pretty little stack is made of leather and braided satin bands and it’s finished off with golden details. Throw it on as you head to summer’s coolest festivals.

Available from LAUTERLABELS

4. Neon Pink Woven Blanket by TexturableDecor

04 Neon Pink handwoven wool wrap

Pretty to look at, super soft to the touch and made out of 100% merino wool, this blanket is ticking all the right boxes! Hand made and hand dyed in Uruguay, it could be the perfect gift to take along to… a house warming party!

Available from TexturableDecor

5. Santa Rita Collection Reed Basket by ToinoAbel

05 Santa Rita Collection

This wonderful basket is 100% hand-woven from reed and willow (for the handles), following an ancient technique that is both time consuming and laborious. The result is stunning, wouldn’t you say? Take it with you to a picnic or wear it around town: its strong color and exotic looks will never disappoint.

Available from ToinoAbel

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores