10 Best Mushroom Decor Items To Add A Whimsical Aesthetic To Your Home

The mushroom décor trend is taking the world by storm, challenging people to think of out-of-the-box, coming up with whimsical aesthetics for their homes. Fortunately, we’ve run into quite a few mushroom décor options over at ETSY that, at the very least, will inspire you to think out of the box. Though you can always raid your local thrift store, I think we all can agree that shopping online is a lot easier.

We’ve got 10 of the best handpicked mushroom home decor that should work in just about any size or type of home. However, feel free to let your creativity run wild with them.

1. Mushroom Rug by Home Decor Rugs Carpet

We’ve owned quite a few strange-looking rugs, including a few vintages, but the Mushroom Rug has to be one of the most unusual ones. The minimalist rug is an obvious conversation starter, but other than that, its bright colors adds a bold, whimsical aesthetic to any living room.

Out of all the rugs we’ve purchased over the years, the Mushroom Rug is a real work of art by a designer with her own workshop. She can also print anything you want, but for us, the design of the Mushroom Rug was something we obviously couldn’t think could be improved any further. Though on second thought, it would have been great to customize it somehow. 

Available in multiple sizes, it starts at 1.6×1.6 ft-50x50cm, with the larger ones measuring between 6.5×16.4ft-200x500cm this is sure to spark joy and curiosity.

Available from HomeDecorRugsCarpet

2. Mushroom Mother and Children Magnet or Print by Eternal Crafts Canada

We must admit like most people our team has a soft spot for small and cute items. The Mushroom Mother and Children ticks both boxes (small and cute). These well-designed magnets may probably not give your home a brand new look or spark a lively conversation on mushrooms, but instead, it serves as a reminder of the essential things in life. These will also go well with similiar themed pepper shakers.

It makes for an inexpensive gift, but we purchased a dozen of these to be inserted into greeting cards, stuck to the fridge and any other space it would adhere to.  

 Available from Eternal Crafts Canada

3. Mushroom Mug Lid – Eat In Colorful Mushrooms by Momocor Studio

The Mushroom Ceramic dinnerware set is the cutest thing we’ve had the pleasure of buying this year. Not only does it fit in with the whimsical theme of your home, but it can give it a touch of comic relief, if you may.

Having enough of these can turn an otherwise informal meeting with friends and family into an interesting conversation about all types of mushrooms. These are handmade ceramic pieces of art with natural hand painting. The set includes a mug, three bowls, two plates and a spoon. Honestly, these look like something out of an architectural digest.

If you are looking for that one thing that’s both practical and has the potential to transform your kitchen, then the mushroom ceramic dinnerware is a no brainer.

The mushroom dinner set is also an excellent gift for anyone who takes life too seriously, or it can also be a great housewarming gift. Regardless, it is a must buy for anyone who wants to spice up their living area.

Available from Momocor Studio

4. Alba Clamshell Mushroom Decor by Rayana Decor

There is something amazing about wooden sculptures that aren’t present with other types. However, some wooden sculptures stand out for no apparent reason, and the Alba Clamshell Mushroom Décor is undoubtedly one of them, at least in our opinion. 

It is one of the best mushroom décor pieces you can invest in, and pictures do not do it justice. The mushrooms have been carved out of suar wood with a unique grain. Most of all, this is hand carved, then polished and sanded down by hand. It is an excellent wall decoration, with a hook on the back to make hanging it easy. 

However, if you buy the Alba Clamshell Mushroom Décor, one will not suffice, buy two at least. That way you can put one in the living room and one in your bedroom. You can also order one in a different color or a larger size.

Available from RayanaDecor

5. Mushroom Shelf by Leily Cloud

The Mushroom Shelf is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to add a whimsical yet practical aesthetic to their home. These Wall Shelves can turn any size or type of wall in your living or bedroom into a beautiful piece of alternative art. Plus, you get a bit of temporary storage space.

When placed correctly on the walls, these mushrooms appear to grow out of the woodwork. These can be used as hooks to hang stuff like a handbag or a suit. So, these don’t just look beautiful but serve a purpose too.

The build quality of these mushroom shelves is excellent, but you’ll find that one does not suffice. If anything, you will want to get two or three. Speaking of which, these are hand moulded by the artist using durable ceramics and then glazed. This makes them both waterproof and beautiful.

Mounting these are also quick and simple. However, we wouldn’t recommend you drop-test them for obvious reasons.

Available from LeilyCloud

6. Wooden Mushroom Wall Art by Pondok Wood Carving

This wooden mushroom wall art is made from jempinis wood and hand-carved into various mushroom shapes and sizes. With a clean and shiny finish, it makes for a wonderful addition to any wall in your living or workspace. 

Available from PondokWoodCarving

7. Vintage Mushroom Linen Bed Sheet by Grannet Home

Bring some mushroom magic to your bedroom with this vintage, handmade natural linen top sheet. Made from premium grade local linen, this earthy mushroom print will make it hard to leave your bed. Perfect for warmer climates, the linen material is both cozy and breathable.

Available from GrannetHome

8. Mushroom Shaped Glass Vase by Zeylia Decor

Do you love having fresh flowers and plants in your home, but don’t have anywhere to put them? These quirky, mushroom shaped handmade glass vases are the perfect solution. Ideal for smaller spaces like apartments, just add your favorite stems and your home decor will be instantly elevated! 

Available from ZeyliaDecor

9. Cute Mushroom Neon Light Sign by Magic Light Art Crafts

Looking for a cute gift? This neon mushroom light sign is perfect for anyone! Friends, family, children and adults will delight in this unique, retro style light. It is easily powered with a usb, making it portable, so you can take it with you to your next party! It can be placed almost anywhere like onto a wall, shelf, mantle, table, desk or even hanging it thanks to its hanging hole at the back. This lightweight and durable neon light sign is a must this festive season.

Available from MagicLightArtCrafts

10. Woodland Nursery Mushroom Wall Decals by Kenna Sato Designs

This collection of enchanting mushroom wall decals are an easy, fun and creative way of decorating any childrens (or adults) nursery, bedroom or playroom. Forget about custom painting, these wall decals are the perfect decor addition with multiple styles and sizes included, all finished in a sleek, matte color. The best part is they are easy to apply and remove, and won’t leave markings on your wall.

Available from KennaSatoDesigns

Final Word

There you have it, folks, the best mushroom décor you can buy today. These are a revolutionary symbol progressiveness.

However, there are many more pieces of beautiful décor to experiment with, so this serves as more of an introduction to the diverse world of mushroom décor. However, feel free to shop for the fungi accessories of your choice, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas.