Lighten Up With These 5 Awesome Lamps

Just like accessories add the finishing touches to an outfit, lamps play an essential part in creating the atmosphere and setting the vibe in a room. And, no matter if they shed warm or blue light, a good design will always amplify the quality of the space.

Knowing this, which one of these lamps would you choose for yourself? There’s one for every taste:

1. Concrete Hanging Lamp by GANTlights


Cast from light gray concrete and gilded on the inside, this type of lamp makes a minimalist, yet decadent statement at the same time. Really now, how many times can precious gold look absolutely fantastic next to a concrete finish? Surely, just this time.

Available from GANTlights

2. Paper Mache Floor Lamp by CreaReDesign


Granted, this is the type of lamp that you either truly love or truly hate. Made from paper pulp obtained from old newspapers and taking inspiration from the 60s space-craze, this colorful and intriguing lamp is for those who love to experiment by reconfiguring their rooms.

Available from CreaReDesign

3. Paper Origami Lamp by KateCallahanDesign


Speaking of outer space, here’s another lamp that would surely fit into an extraterrestrial landscape. Inspired by origami and hand folded using traditional methods, this lamp has a colorful interior that makes it amost… alive. The perfect piece to add a whimsical touch to your favorite space or even to the children’s room.

Available from KateCallahanDesign

4. Aion – Iumi Design Wooden Hanging Lamp by Iumidesign


Back to planet Earth again, where this beautiful lamp brings both elegance and timelessness. Ideal for dining tables, kitchen islands or sideboards, this is the type of lamp that can single-handedly elevate a space.

Available from Iumidesign

5. Handmade Veneer Standing Lamp by arielzuckerman


Finally, something with a classic approach: this cute little oak lamp is veneer coated in acrylic layer. It may seem understated, but its deceivingly simple looks are actually highly refined. Best used in your living room or office.

Available from arielzuckerman

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores