Hunting For King Size Handmade Quilts

Undisputed leaders of the coziness game, king size handmade quilts are among those things that you simply can’t miss out on, whether you’re living in a remote cottage or in a city-center apartment. Their warm nature will be welcoming during a gloomy winter day and comforting on a chilly summer night. Plus, their varied, cheerful prints will add a splash of color to your bedroom or living room.

Don’t say no: are you ready for an exquisite countdown of some of the best quilts out there? Wink-wink! Generous, king-sized ones are available in a variety of hues and techniques, one more charming than the other. Start browsing and brace yourself for a serious shopping session.

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1. Modern Patchwork Hexagon Custom Quilt by biggiwink

1 Modern Patchwork Hexagon Custom Quilt

Let’s start off our list with a super cool quilt with an artistic flair. Bound to simply take your breath away, it is made with a colorful fabric line called “Innocent Crush” by Anna Maria Horner and has added solid fabric as contrast. The bright and joyful hexagons give this quilt a whimsical, yet modern air, all with a subtle nod to the bohemian spirits of yore.

The quilt is made out of cotton fabric and filled with soft and durable cotton batting. The wonderful thing is that the batting can safely be machine washed again and again without separating or bunching, making the quilt softer as time goes by. Oh, and this beautiful piece will be made to order especially for you. Find the direct link below.

Available from biggiwink

2. Black and Tan California King Size Rag Quilt by KristinsCountryHome


Next in today’s king size handmade quilts roundup is this lovely homespun type. Made in a primitive country style, it has that chic appeal which is irresistible to rustic-chic homeowners.

The quilt is made of squares that are sewed together, all while leaving their raw edges sticking out on every side. Also, the interior of each square has a sewn X through it for added structure. The result is a stylish ragging that gives it a unique appearance. Furthermore, the mix of plaid and check fabrics make the quilt appear even more dynamic and eye-catching. All in all, a superb contender as your favorite cold weather wrap. Shop below.

Available from KristinsCountryHome

3. King Size Rag Quilt by LittleSunshineQuilts

3 King Size Rag Quilt

Another rag quilt, this time created with patterns from Amy Butler’s Lark collection. Featuring rich blacks, yellows, greens and pinks, this is that one special piece your home was missing. The tops of each square are individually clipped and frayed, and each quilt has been washed and dried in order to start the ragging process. The result? A soft and cozy quilt!

Fabric-wise, the top layer is 100% cotton designer fabric, the batting is, again, 100% cotton, while the back is made out of soft and unbleached cotton in a cream hue. Without a doubt, this quilt from LittleSunshineQuilts will do exactly what the name of the shop suggests: bring a ray of light into your life! :)

Available from LittleSunshineQuilts

4. Modern Quilt Made From Marimekko Fabric by NordicCrafter

4 Modern quilt made from Marimekko fabric

If you were longing for a quilt that has a lighter and more modern approach, you’ve found your match! This one-of-a-kind quilt is made from a striking mix of 19 Marimekko fabrics, all of them featuring nature-inspired prints in a neutral color palette. Finished off with white borders, which make the colors pop, the quilt represents the blend of seasons, a standout concept that has surely lead to its refined and artistic appearance.

The fabrics used in this quilt are 100% cotton and come from the Marimekko store in Helsinki, Finland. As for the batting, it is 100% silk, ensuring that the quilt is light and breathable, and yet still very warm. A dream! Further details in the direct link below.

Available from NordicCrafter

5. SNOWY DECADENCE Quilt by UnexpectedHeirlooms


Ok, ok: the hunt for king size handmade quilts ends here. But we did save the best for last. :)

This unique and absolutely gorgeous quilt can bring the winter wonderland right into your home! Its fine print mix sets the initial tone for a luxury experience, as the bold colors step in at just the right time to highlight the elegant patterns. Small stars come together to form bigger stars, a motif that is wonderfully sealed off with a double binding of turquoise and gold. And, sure enough, the back of the quilt boasts the same decadent fabric as the outside borders.

The good taste, rich details and exquisite finish make this quilt a must-have in any elegant home. Find it by clicking the following link.

Available from UnexpectedHeirlooms

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores