Interview with Robin Fator of Dark Pony Designs

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This week were luckily enough to have a little chat with Robin Fator of Dark Pony Designs, with the opportunity to discuss her experience with Etsy and what drives her to make beautiful Classic Handmade Glamour! Not only are her garments and accessories very unqiue. But they are inspiring and have a sense of fun & freedom – which no doubt has lead to her success selling on Etsy. Anyway here is what she has to say :)

1. Tell us about your store and what you offer?

Dark Pony Designs is a handmade brand designed for the modern woman who is not only the master of her own universe, but knows how to have fun and turn heads. In my store you will find bridal gowns, party dresses, resort wear, tulle skirts, costumes, along with jewelry and accessories.

2. What inspired you to start your store?

In 2009 with an economic crisis on my hands, I knew the time was right to begin my journey as a designer and jump into the business of fashion. The inspiration for Dark Pony Designs came after shopping for a party dress at my local department store, I was disappointed with the cheaply made selection that just didn’t have the WOW factor I was after. I decided; I must not be the only girl in the world who wants to wear a high volume, mega sparkle, glamorous cocktail dress. The idea for Dark Pony Designs was born: create a wardrobe for my own ultimate fantasy life and then share it with the world.

3. How has your life changed since starting on Etsy?

My life has changed tremendously. I went from being a stay at home mom who felt guilty about making time for her own dreams, to a stay at home mom who runs her own business, uses her creativity to pay the bills, and knows the value of her time. It isn’t an easy lifestyle, and I do work 7 days a week, but I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to peruse a career I love without being chained to a 9-5.

4. What has been your biggest lesson so far selling online?

Strangely enough, it was not charging enough for my products. When I first started I assumed a low price was best and that I would sell more that way. Unfortunately that attracted the wrong kind of customer and I realized fairly quickly that my time and my products were special and that I should charge accordingly. Etsy’s pricing for profit guide was really helpful.

5. What do see the future holding for darkponydesigns?

My goal for the future of Dark Pony Designs is to move my business to Los Angeles, hire a few employees to produce the line so that I can be more focused on the creative design aspects of the business. I would love to do more boutique wholesale and to put my brand in front of a larger customer base. A line of handbags would also be amazing. And, of course a large scale fashion show would be a dream come true!

6. What are your favorite other Etsy sellers?


7. Best piece of advice for any other seller starting out?

No matter how absurd your idea may be, no matter what people say or think about your product, you must try it and see what happens. There is no shame in trying. Etsy is a great place to experiment and test the waters. You should ask your self what’s the worst that could happen? The answer: the product doesn’t sell. That’s ok. Do it again and again until you feel successful.

There you have it people! I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did. Be sure to check out Robin’s store, put it in your bookmarks because no doubt there will be an occasion that she can help you with!!

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