Interview with Brit’s Bauble Shop

We adore hearing about the people behind the handmade businesses online! This week we got a chance to have a bit of a chat with Brittany from Brit’s Bauble Shop. .

Brittany is a fairly new seller to Etsy and we were keen to hear about her experience so far and ask her about her with use of Social media in her business.

1. Tell us about your store and what you offer?

Brit’s Bauble Shop sells customized, handmade, wire wrapped bangles. I think your jewelry should match your personality so I have a lot of options to customize each piece. I also offer matching Mommy & Me sets or the option to make something just for you from scratch.

I love being able to collaborate with a customer if there’s something specific they would like for a wedding or event. Every one has a unique style and I love to help any one find the right combo of practical and chic. Each item is made to order, which is perfect for wrists of every shape and size.

I also make rings, necklaces and earrings by request and hope to launch more items on my Etsy Shop soon!

2. And, why did you choose to go into that area has it always been a passion?

I’ve always loved making jewelry since I was little. I remember one of my favorite necklaces broke and I was determined to fix it and it all kind of snow balled from there.

I’ve always made jewelry for friends and family as gifts for years. Many of them suggested I sell my jewelry but it never seemed practical until I thought of using Etsy. It was a match made in heaven! What’s better than purchasing something you know was made just for you? Customization helps me offer that special buying experience for every purchase.

3. How has your life changed since starting on Etsy?

It has been busier but also a lot of fun! I always say making jewelry is my happy place, so it’s great to have a motivation to stay in that happy place more often.

I never expected such a positive reaction from every one that comes across my Etsy shop. It’s been an absolute pleasure making new friendships in this community. It’s very encouraging and inspires me to better my work.


4. What role does social media play in your business?

Social media is a huge support. Not every consumer is already a part of the Etsy community or knows how to navigate to find their favorite products but almost every person has Instagram or Facebook.

It’s so convenient to invite friends to my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page and then direct traffic to my Etsy page. This way, I can also gauge what products gets a better reaction before I even decide to post an item on the Etsy Shop.

As a consumer myself, I love to search other shops on these social media sites to be able to see more posts with personality, not just the items, which can seem a little impersonal. Social media helps me feel like customers get to know me, and that makes the customized orders even more special.

5. Out of the the social media forms, what is your favorite and why?

My favorite social media form is definitely Instagram. It’s a no nonsense, easy to navigate, easy to connect platform.

It’s also a great way for your customers to see who you are and what you offer as part of their daily feed. It’s completely risk free for them to follow a brand and the more they see the posts, they can decide if they want to patronize that business.

Instagram is also how I found Etsy Hunters, which I instantly fell in love with. It’s a brilliant idea, and a perfect example of how other social media is just an extension to showcase Etsy sellers. It just makes sense!

6. What are your favorite other Etsy sellers?

Ah! How do I chose? I love that Etsy can give a creative outlet to working folks everywhere in addition to their hectic lives. My life long friend, Rachel, sells handmade nursing scarves and teething necklaces on her Etsy shop “Sewing Seeds.” I also love “Dawlens” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Jar” for custom drinkware. My new favorite, courtesy of Etsy Hunter, is “The Hunter Collection.” My entire list would have to be a separate interview!


7. As a relatively new seller what have been the biggest challenges for you so far ?

For the longest time, I was most concerned about quality. How can I make my product the most sustainable and strongest of it’s kind? There was a lot of trial and error before I found the winning combo. I really believe in the quality of my jewelry and am proud of every item I send out.

Now the challenge is a mixture of getting the right exposure and furthering my product line. I know the right audience is out there, but it’s hard to reach every one just via the Internet without a person to person interaction. I’m still on that learning curve.

It is also tricky maintaining the other aspects of my life and career without making jewelry 24/7, because, let’s be honest, it’s way more fun!

So check her stuff out guys!