Hunting For Handmade Pet Toys

Call them what you will, furry friends or furry babies, this thing’s for sure: they’ve unapologetically taken over your heart. So much so, that you feel inclined to do them each and every favor. Sometimes that means letting them wander everywhere or sleep on your bed. And the struggle doesn’t end there. Your favorite pillows, shoes or boxes are all susceptible to becoming just another chew toy if you’re not always on your toes. So how about you try and divert your little companion’s concentration with a dedicated one? These days, handmade pet toys are as diverse and fun as store-bought ones, if not more so. And most are even eco-friendly! Keep on reading to discover 2 toys for cats, 2 for dogs and one for rabbits or Guinea pigs. Happy browsing:

1. Felted Cat Toy/Rainbow Serpent by GabbyByKitty

1 Felted cat toy

Perfect for the little feline in your life, this snake-like toy is bound to bring hours of endless fun around your household. It has an approximate length of 1 meter, so your cat can chew on or play with it at ease. The toy is hand made out of 100% wool felt and is available in an impressive number of colors – you can pick your favorite hue or combination from the color palette shown in the original listing. Click the link above to get there.

Available from GabbyByKitty

2. The Natural Mouse Trio by TuxandTabby

2 The Natural Mouse Trio

Mouse-shaped toys are classics when it comes to the feline playground inventory. Which is precisely why this fabulous set of hand crafted mice will prove to be irresistible to both you and your cat. Beautifully presented as a trio, these toys are made from natural British yarn and stuffed with locally sourced wool from a rare breed (North Ronaldsay sheep). The carefully considered palette is also a standout feature, making the toys a welcome and stylish presence in the room even after playtime.

The trio comes in a stunning gift box and is available with or without an infusion of premium blended catnip in the stuffing. Who knew cat toys could be so chic? Follow the link above to get to the original listing.

Available from TuxandTabby

3. Prehistoric Plush Dog Toys by Ruffelstiltskin

3 Prehistoric Plush Dog Toys

How adorable are these chew toys shaped like prehistoric animals? Very! And they are also upcycled, which means they are made from carefully selected fabrics sourced from unwanted clothing. Coming in various shades of blue denim, these toys are soft and safe. Oh, and each of them has a small squeaker – how fun! There are three individual creatures to choose from: brachiosaurus, trilobite and stegosaurus. Or you could get the complete set. Check out the original listing by clicking on the direct link above.

Available from Ruffelstiltskin

4. Knot Ball Rope Dog Toy by ForeverMootsy

4 Knot Ball Rope Dog Toy

Ideal for playing fetch or tug-of-war with your dog, this earth-friendly knot ball is hand made of 100% natural cotton rope. The toy is knotted into a ball and features two rope handles, which are useful when throwing the toy or when pulling it. Playing fetch with your dog at the beach should be even more fun with this toy, given that it’ll float on water – hours of playtime ahead! Last but not least, the dog will chew on the rope knot, which is healthy for its teeth and gums. Win and win! :) Find this delightful dog toy by visiting the link above.

Available from ForeverMootsy

5. 3 x Rainbow Wooden Toss Toys by BlessTheirCottontail

5 3 x Rainbow Wooden Toss Toys

And, finally, here is a set of fun toys for small pets – think: rabbits, Guinea pigs, hamsters or chinchillas. These rainbow-colored toys have been designed with the little pets’ health and happiness in mind: everything has been carefully chosen, from the size of the toys to the materials used. The colors, for example, were obtained using completely safe food dye. The toys also vary in weight, size and texture, so they’re likely to hold your little pet’s attention for longer. Not only that, but they are also easy to disassemble and mix and match to make new toys as the bits get chewed away. Additional toy parts for sale can be found in the same shop. Isn’t this wonderful? This eye-catching set can be accessed directly by clicking on the link above.

Available from BlessTheirCottontail

Happy shopping!

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores