Why Having A Zen Workspace Is Good For Your Business

photo-org-via-unsplashClutter means productivity… or does it?

Even if you call it a “creative mess” instead of a downright clutter, there’s no denying that a crazy-busy, random workspace is counterproductive.

Having to dive into a pile of stuff just to find out what you need can get exhausting, especially if you’re running a business that requires having lots of inventory around. Whether that’s paint, beads, yarn or leather doesn’t matter. The point is that embracing the ZEN side of things can prove to be highly beneficial to both you and your business.

Ready to zen your workspace? Here are all the whys and hows you need:

Why Having A Zen Workspace Is Good For Your Business:

A. It’ll help you focus on what really matters

In other words… it’ll help you get back to the basics. In today’s fast-paced work, you need to zero in on what’s truly important. Is your work helping you achieve your long-term goals? And does your workplace support you? If not, it’s time for an overhaul.

B. It’ll teach you how to make more with less

Editing out what’s not immediately useful is… liberating. Eliminate the stuff you don’t need and gain new perspectives on your products and the workflow you employ to make them.

C. Itll help you simplify your processes

Reevaluating your processes every once in a while is good for business. As you gain experience, you figure out better ways to do certain things and an already clean and clear workspace will make them easier to implement.

So! Is your workplace actually helping you get tasks done? Here’s how to make sure it does:

How To Zen Your Workspace Today:plants-via-pixabay

  1. Clear out the clutter and put away what you don’t use on a daily basis. It may sound obvious, but so many of us don’t do this! Edit what’s around you and only leave stuff that’s either A) useful or B) motivational. Easier said than done, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  2. Cable management. Just get them neatly out of your way and watch your space open up.

  3. Try color-coded organization. For your materials, books, beads, whatever. It’ll help you know where to reach.

  4. Break it up. Meaning: designate a different spot for every different activity. Laptop work vs knitting vs packaging… each require different types of movement and accessories. Find out the spot that supports each one (even if it’s just a sofa or the floor) and use each one for each activity.

  5. Bring in a new scent. For example, all-natural lavender packs will help you keep calm and relaxed no matter how crazy the day gets.

  6. Just be comfy. Bring in a comfy chair that is suited for the type of activity you’re performing. Pay attention to ergonomics, too!

  7. organize-via-unsplashPlay some music. Having your favorite tunes play in the background can dramatically increase your productivity, all while lifting your spirits.

  8. Focus on natural colors and neutrals. White is a great background for anything from walls to furniture, but so are earthy tones like beige, brown, light minty green etc. Check out this Pinterest category for inspiration.

  9. Don’t neglect textures. A fluffy carpet, a throw blanket, a wooden desk, a mini sand-garden etc. are all ways to zen your workspace in one easy swipe.

  10. Encourage good habits. Last but not least, remember to properly nourish your body throughout the day and you’ll be able to push yourself harder while doing work that matters. Snack on almonds or apples, bring in a bottle of water and place it next to your coffee cup to remind yourself to take sips throughout the day. Remember: a zen workspace is nothing without a zen mind and a zen body.

Good luck!

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