How To Organize Your Craft Space

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What comes to mind when you hear the word ORGANIZATION? Being neat and clean? Having structure and staying on schedule?

As a small business owner and artist, organization is what keeps me focused and on track for completing whatever I set out to accomplish daily. It plays an essential role in helping me get things done in a timely fashion, allows me to wear multiple hats in my small business being the handmade crafter and running the business as well and last but not least gives me the ability to know where everything is, which in the end keeps everything systematized and stress-free.

Organizing one’s craft space however is a pretty personal task. What may work for one person may not work for the other and most importantly how much space you have to work with is key in figuring out what type of organization is going to work best for you. But have no fear (yup, I know how scary organizing can be for many of us) there are tons of ways just about any crafter or artist can use to stay organized and today I’ll give you a run down of the best organizing tips I’ve got under my sleeve.

Desktop and Laptop Organization

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I never knew how truly important keeping my laptop organized was until one day I found myself going crazy looking for some documents. After nearly an hour search I knew I needed a better system, so my #1 organization tip for your desktop or laptop is folders and jump drives! Folders are a great way to keep images and documents organized. Same goes for jump drives. I keep different colored jump drives for different parts of my business. For example, I have a teal jump drive for all of my advertising, logos, branding, etc. and I have a purple jump drive for all of the Etsy images I use on my listings. So whenever I need something I can easily just open a folder or pop in a jump drive and BAM it’s right where I need it. Quick and easy!

Baskets, Mason Jars and Storage Boxes

Let me tell yah’ these are a crafters best friend! It doesn’t really matter what type of craft you specialize in, I can guarantee that whatever you handcraft comes with a lot of supplies. Baskets, mason jars and storage boxes are all GREAT ways to keep things organized so that everything has it’s own home and you know exactly where to go for it when it’s needed. I find that mason jars are great for holding washi tape, embellishments, twine, ribbon, etc. Tall mason jars are even great for storing things such as color pencils, markers, glitter, glue, etc. Baskets are awesome for storing fabrics or yarn and storage boxes are great for things like paper and packaging materials. You truly cannot go wrong with any of these organizing materials.

Your Desk or Craft Table

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When organizing your desk or craft table, an area where you find yourself daily it’s important to keep things that you use often front and center. For areas like this I always suggest shelving, a desk with drawers and a couple of things I bet you never thought you could use for storage needs such as this Ikea spice rack that works great for holding supplies such as paint or small spice rack jars that can be filled with things such as paper clips, buttons, etc. Or this plate shelf that would be amazing for holding notebooks or sketchbooks, you can even hang things such as scissors from the hooks! I always tell people, it’s what you don’t think you could use for organizing that always ends up being the best thing you ever used!

I also always suggest that a desk or craft table only hold what you are currently working on. Clutter on your desk will only create clutter and uncertainty in your mind. Your want your work area to be focused on what you are trying to accomplish whether it be crafting a new piece for your shop or writing an Etsy listing, it’s important to be able to focus on what you are working on free from distraction.

Purchase an organizer/planner

Whether it be an app on your phone or a book on your desk, a planner is vital for keeping organized and on schedule. It’s impossible to remember everything we need to do on a weekly basis. Write it down or type a memo/ reminder in your phone. A simple and quick task like this will help to keep things manageable and on schedule! And remember a planner isn’t only for jotting down appointments or meetings. I write down everything in my planner from breakfast, to my son’s naptime, to shipping dates for orders that need to go out! A planner will keeps you organized to the max, I promise!

Organizing your craft space doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s a great way to simplify the things you do on a daily basis as a crafter and streamline your work in a manner that allows you to get things done in an effective and timely fashion.

Have fun with it! Remember this is YOUR workspace; make it inviting, fun and full of personality. A place that inspires you and the work you do.

Writer, Taina Cunningham

Fresh Wood Studio