Feeling Stuck? Here’s How To Increase Your Sales On Etsy

Feeling Stuck? Here's How To Increase Your Sales On Etsy
Feeling Stuck? Here’s How To Increase Your Sales On Etsy

Want to kick ass on Etsy (and make a living out of it in the process)?

Sure you do!

But how do you increase your sales on Etsy in a considerable way? Well, today we’re going to decode the process.

Spoiler: some of these will most definitely not be new to you. However, make a point of constantly perfecting them! Pick up each task as if it were the first time and the results won’t fail to appear. Let’s go:

How To Increase Your Sales On Etsy

1) Personally Ask For Reviews From Past Customers

Already had a few initial sales?

The truth is that it’s hard to convince people to buy from a brand new shop… so when somebody does buy, reach out to them and thank them for their purchase.

Also, take that opportunity to politely ask for a review.

Be straightforward and open about it! It’ll help bump up your credibility and it’ll show the human side of your business.

2) Fill In Your Shop Policies and Shop Icon

Type it in,
Type it in,

You’ll be shocked at HOW MANY Etsy shops don’t have a shop icon.

It’s crazy!

A representative image and clear policies show you are intentional and serious about your business, so visitors will be more inclined to trust you and, ultimately, to buy from you.

So fill them in today!

3) Make Sure Your Product Descriptions Are Exhaustive

Think about it: if you’re considering buying something, isn’t it nice to know everything there is to know about the item you’re about to add to cart?

Of course it is!

So don’t be afraid to describe what the items is, its backstory, how it came to be etc. Also remember to add in any important sizing details, maintenance advice or possible safety warnings.

4) List More Items

If you have few listings and only add more once in a blue moon, no wonder your shop is not taking off.

Keep your product flow rolling no matter how many or how little sales you’re scoring.

Some Etsy sellers didn’t make their first sale until they had at least a few dozen listings in their shop. The explanation? Customers need options, they need convincing. Just remember to stick to the same quality levels!

5) Optimize For Search

Stand out in the crowd by optimzing for search.
Stand out in the crowd by optimzing for search.

This goes for your shop announcement section, for the first few lines of product descriptions, and also for the listing title.

It’s not rocket science, either: just think about what one would have to type in to find your shop or products. Be very specific!

Check out Etsy categories for more ideas.

6) Bump Up Your Photography Skills

Improve your photos.
Improve your photos.

It may seem like we’re going on and on about it forever, but it’s really just to show exactly how crucial good photography is: it practically does the selling for you!

So look at these tips to learn how to get it right.

7) Figure Out The Right Price

Too low and clients will doubt the quality.

Too high and they will shy away.

The struggle can get too real.

Figure it out once and for all using this pricing formula.

8) Make Sure Your Items Are Unique And Easily Identifiable

Having unique items is key.
Having unique items is key.

Sure, you’re not the only person on the planet to sell hand-painted mason jars.

Or wooden kids’ toys.

Or tea towels.

But there IS a way to make them unique.

Maybe it’s an original technique.

Or a color.

Or a pattern.

Whatever it is, make it your own and by yourself. Don’t copy successful products or shops… it’ll show.

9) Know Who You’re Selling To

This article explains it all: how to identify your target customer.

10) Promote Off Etsy

Get on social media!
Get on social media!

As the saying goes… just do it!

Follow other sellers on social media, exchange tricks and tips – just make your shop visible without being pushy or salesy. Exposure brings awareness and awareness brings sales.

Not sure where to start?

Why not get your Etsy store featured on @etsyhunter and take it from there? Boom: instant exposure!

Click here to get started.


Haven’t had your first sale on Etsy (just yet)?

Check back on Saturday for advice on precisely this: how to get your first sale on Etsy.

See you then!