How To Dominate Your Goals

Raise your hand if you’ve ever set a goal for your business, only to find yourself procrastinating it away.

We’ve all been there.

The truth of the matter is, setting a goal (no matter how big or small) will immediately put you in do-it-later mode. It goes something like this:

I’ll get to it eventually.
There are more urgent things to do right now.
Let me just take care of this first.

Step 1: State your goal. Go as bold or as big as you want. Then write it down on a piece of paper and post it somewhere around your craft space – right in front of you if possible. It’ll hold you accountable.

Step 2: Break it down into smaller tasks – and assign specific timeframes. Now that the hardest part is done, identify the individual tasks which will help you accomplish the goal. Write them all down underneath that big, overarching goal and be specific. Note due dates for everything, but remember to keep them reasonable.

Step 3: It may sound cliché, but… just do it! Take each task and strive to execute it within the assigned timeframe. If some of them prove to be more difficult, give yourself extra time to do them. But always, always write down the new due date so you can hold yourself accountable. If something doesn’t go according to plan, feel free to adjust the course or plot out a different route. And there you have it: the simple, 3-step way to master the art of following through.