5 Simple Steps To Being Successful On Etsy In 2016

white-office-via-unsplashLet’s be blunt here: there’s no universal recipe for success.

What might work for one shop won’t work for the other and vice-versa.

And what is success anyway?

To some of you, success means lots of sales. To others it may mean securing your first sale after weeks of hustling. And for others… well, it may mean something as simple as having a stronger, more cohesive brand. It all depends on where you are at this very moment in your Etsy journey.

So here’s the catch: no matter if you’re only just setting up shop or if you’ve already had your first dozen sales, you’ll still be able to pick up something useful from the tips below.

What it takes to be successful on Etsy in 2016 is 360 thinking… here’s the low-down:

How To Be Successful On Etsy 2016

1) Offer Your Clients A 360 Experience Within Your Shop

nature-via-unsplashThink about it… in today’s crazy-paced world, how do you quickly choose between two similar products? You compare the price and features, yes. But admit it: you’re also completely swooned by a good story.

Offer your clients the backstory, show them the process behind your finished product, enchant them and you’re likely to earn not only their business, but also their word-of-mouth promotion.

Show all the details within the photo gallery, but get down to writing and charm them with a witty story. Don’t just aim to secure a quick sale and be done with it: go for a long-term experience which involves visuals (banners, solid visual identity etc) and all the way to packaging, a confirmation email following their purchase, a handwritten note, a freebie etc.

2) Embrace A Multi-Platform Strategy

coffee-via-unsplashYes, you’ll still do all your business on Etsy.

But remember that it’s also important to connect with your customers when they’re off Etsy!

The easiest way to do that? Go on social media!

Think about it: on which platform (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat) does your ideal customer spend most of their time?

Whichever one it may be, THAT’S where you should be as well!

Pick one or two platforms (let’s be real here, you won’t have time for more anyway) and step up your game. Many Etsy shops are on Instagram because of its visual nature. However, your client could also spend LOTS of time on Facebook too! In that case, jump into making Facebook live videos: they are a unique opportunity to engage with fans, to introduce them to your world and to stay on their mind.

Tip: If you have a social media profile you don’t use, just close your account! An abandoned account won’t do your brand any favors.

3) Knock It Out Of The Park In The Photography Department

photos-via-unsplashThe bad news: photos do the selling on Etsy so you really must nail it when it comes to the presentation.

The good news: it’s really not that hard to find your own style. Keep experimenting and it’ll come to you. Here are all the Etsy photography tips you need.

4) Throw In Some SEO

Definitely not the most fascinating part about running an Etsy shop, but an important one nonetheless: it’s essential for your listings to show up in search. It just is.

So! Do your keyword research: think what a client should type in to find your item. Craft compelling product titles and descriptions. Test, experiment and see what works.

Rinse, repeat.

5) Think Strategically

5-Simple-Steps-Being-Successful-On-Etsy-2016-sqDon’t be intimidatedby all the MUST DOs if you want to become successful on Etsy in 2016.

Instead, figure out what you’re not doing yet, and start with that. Continue with what you’re not doing enough of. Finally, build on top of what you’re doing already.

Just take it one step at a time. If something doesn’t work the way you want it to, tweak ONE detail and see if it influences the result in any way.

For example: test drive similar SEO descriptions on similar listings and see which one performs better. Or hire somebody to figure out a new, cooler logo instead of going the DIY way – it’ll get the task off your mind and the result is guaranteed to look good.

Running an Etsy shop (especially if all by yourself) is a hard task as it is, so go easy on yourself. You can do this! Good luck!