The 5 Most Creative Handmade Wooden Puzzles On Etsy

Few toys can spark the imagination quite like wooden puzzles. The warmth of the wood, the intricate 3D shapes and the adorable figures make these items fun to play with, regardless if you’re 3 or 33. ;) And, when playtime is over, all you have to do is take the assembled pieces and put them on display. That way, you can enjoy seeing them all day, every day. Check out this round-up of handmade wooden puzzles and get that quality family time going!

1. Puzzle Sailboat by berkshirebowls

1 Puzzle Sailboat

A cute boat that looks like it’s just about to set sail. Hand made and hand painted, this 3D puzzle can stand upright all by itself, so it would make a lovely addition to a nautical-themed kids’ room. The boat is made out of hardwood plywood (for added durability) and has a total of eight pieces. The blocks are colored with non-toxic acrylic paint and finished in shellac, which is also non-toxic. Ideal for driving the development of motor skills, this 3D puzzle will bring hours of fun to your little ones. Do note that it is not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Find the link to it above.

Available from berkshirebowls

2. Animal Puzzle by LadyEvaDESIGN

2 Animal puzzle

Awww, isn’t this giraffe family adorable? This endearing handmade puzzle is made out of wood and is carefully evened out. Its surface is smooth, without any rough spots or sharp edges. The toy is left completely natural, with no oils or finishes applied to it. A fabulous educational game, the puzzle has a total of 8 pieces and will provide lots of fun for you and your little kid. Recommended for children aged 2 and up, this toy should be used under adult supervision, as it contains small parts. Have fun! Check out the link to the original listing above.

Available from LadyEvaDESIGN

3. Wooden Fish Puzzle for Children by WoodenWorkJoy

3 Wooden Fish

Swish, swish! This smiling fish seems ready to dive into the deep blue sea! Impeccably hand cut out of wood, it has rounded edges and an all natural polish, making it suitable for small hands. And, with just 7 pieces, it makes a great beginner-level game – perfect for challenging your child’s skills. The puzzle can also double as a flat décor item when it’s not in use. Recommended for kids aged 3 years and above. Check out its listing via the link above.

Available from WoodenWorkJoy

4. Wood Puzzle Family Cat by Ecopuzzle

4 Wood Puzzle Family Cat Loving Parents

This sweet cat family comes together into a super charming puzzle! The toy is made out of 6 pieces (2 big cats, 2 kittens and a red heart) whose sizes were especially chosen so that they would fit just right into the hands of children – not too small and not too heavy. This way, children can enjoy playing with them as they develop motor skills, all in good mood. The puzzle is hand made out of birch wood that has grown in a clean, ecological place. The product is also impeccably polished, with no rough spots or edges, and it’s finished in natural oil and wax. Keep in mind that this game is suitable for children aged 3 and up. Ok, now go check it out via the link above. Meow!

Available from Ecopuzzle

5. Lythe Dragon Wooden Animal Puzzle by EntwoodCrafts


The round-up of the best handmade wooden puzzles simply couldn’t have ended without a more intricate item, like this dragon! Made up of an impressive 18 pieces, this is a free-standing puzzle that can be displayed as a decoration piece on any flat surface. The item is hand made and every piece was rounded over for a more polished and defined look. Amazing, right? If you wish to change the wood type, its size or even its complexity, do note that the seller is accepting special requests – you can even ask for custom designs. Now, that opens up quite a few possibilities, doesn’t it? ;) While you think about them, take a closer look at this dragon by clicking the link above.

Available from EntwoodCrafts

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores