5 Amazing Handmade Wood Cutting Boards

Out of all the kitchen accessories and utensils out there, cutting boards are some of the most versatile and hard-working pieces. Just think about it: you use them as chopping stands (of course!), but also as impromptu serving platters or even as makeshift pot holders.

So it only makes sense that you need the best of the best when it comes to cutting boards. You do want them to last you a lifetime, don’t you?

Enter: handmade wood cutting boards. Blending the magic of hand-crafted Etsy products with an incomparable utility and with the promise of serving you for years and years to come, they may just be your most trustworthy kitchen companions yet. And this top 5 will help you pick your favorite – no extra browsing necessary. Happy shopping:

1. Mint Green Maple Paddle Cutting Board by ForTheHost

1 Mint Green Maple Paddle Cutting Board

Kicking off our list with a fresh-looking, lightly colored cutting board perfect for all of you modern souls out there. If you have a penchant for contemporary design, minimalistic lines and soft hues, this cutting board is your exact match. Made from solid maple wood, which is said to be gentle on the knives, and treated with food grade mineral oil and natural waxes, this beauty promises to be as helpful as its minty green look suggest.

No doubt about it: this would make a perfect gift for the modern hostess – will you give it a shot?

Available from ForTheHost

2. Large Cutting Board by LittleWoodCottage

2 Large Cutting Board

Next in our hunt for handmade wood cutting boards comes this rustic wooden board which is anything but ordinary. Made of solid elm wood which was treated with a mixture of olive oil and beeswax, this would be an outstanding addition to your kitchen. Yes, it may be because of its asymmetrical and romantic looks, but there’s no denying that its promising, solid profile plays a fair part in making it look ready to withstand anything that comes its way.

Oh, and it would be perfect for serving a fancy cheese assortment to your guests… It would be a shame to keep its impeccably finished and mesmerizing looks just in the backstage. ;)

Available from LittleWoodCottage

3. Dachshund Breadboard by RedBarnAustralia

3 Dachshund Breadboard

Cutting boards can be fun, too! Just look at this one, which is dachshund-shaped and jollier-than-life! Perfect for a friend who loves dogs or for a dedicated cook with a healthy sense of humor, this cutting board seems ready to take center stage in the kitchen. Made from the finest hand selected timber and cured with food safe oil for extended durability.

And one more thing: how insanely awesome would breakfast be, if served on this playful cutting board? Especially for the kids! :) We’ll let your imagination take over now…

Available from RedBarnAustralia

4. Acacia Wood Cutting Board by PenoffCrafts

4 Cutting board

Next on our list of handmade wood cutting boards is this unique acacia board. With a decisively sturdy appearance and geometric outline, it is as special as its name suggests. Made out of high quality acacia wood with great attention to detail, it is finished in hand rubbed linseed oil. Food safe and 100% fabulous! And perfect as as a serving platter, too. After all, you never know when you could use a trusty board to serve some snacks to your famished friends! Just make some quick sandwiches from scratch, lay them out on this board and step into the living room. Pose for effect! ;)

Available from PenoffCrafts

5. Wood Cutting Board by Oniroteo

5 Wood cuttting board

When thinking about cutting boards, the word “cute” rarely springs to mind. However, this one is precisely that: a unique-looking cutting board that claims the aforementioned attribute just for its adorable self. Made from reclaimed oak wood stripes held together by 2 stainless steel threaded rods, this board is conveniently fitted with a leather handle that makes it easy to hang around the kitchen. The oak stripes come from an Italian wine factory and are finished with olive oil. Needless to say, this cutting board is a fresh and modern take on a practical item which will bring a piece of Italian history and taste straight into your kitchen.

Available from Oniroteo

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores