Hunting For Handmade Winter Gloves And Mittens

Are you a gloves person or a mittens person? Whichever the case, we’ve got you covered! Make sure your hands are as toasty as they can be this winter – there’s nothing worse than reaching for your phone or purse and sensing that your fingers are numb. And, while staying warm is the priority, it is also possible to look stylish slash cute at the same time. Case in point? The following list of 5 pairs of gloves and mittens, each of which is fancier than the other! Below, you’ll find several magnificent options for ladies, one for men and another for kids!

Prepare to bookmark or add to cart a lot… you’ll want to have ALL of these cool, handmade winter gloves! Let’s go:

1. Hand Knit Wool Cable Mittens // the REDWOOD by NorthernLoopKnitwear

1 Hand Knit Wool Cable Mittens

This pair of gorgeous hand knitted mittens are made of the perfect wool and acrylic blend and they boast a timeless design that you’ll love year after year. Featuring a unique cable twist on top and a classic fold-over cuff, these mittens come in a stunningly varied array of colors. From potent neutrals to eye-catching shades of blue, green or pink, the hues are so varied (and absolutely superb) you’ll kind of want them all! :) But enough with the chit-chat: head on to the link above to land on the direct product page. Happy shopping!

Available from NorthernLoopKnitwear

2. Knited Hedgehog Mittens by NatalieKnit

2 Knited Hedgehog Mittens

Are these the cutest mittens you’ve ever seen or what? Chunky, curly and hedgehog-shaped, they can lighten up anyone’s winter! They can be made in a standard size or following your individual measures. The color is also customizable – the product is shown here in gray, but more colors are available. As for the yarn used, it is an excellent, high quality wool-acrylic-mohair blend that is soft, cozy and ideal to keep your hands warm all winter long. For more information about the product and how to order, follow the link above.

Available from NatalieKnit

3. Men’s Knitted Lambswool Gloves by Woolenfashionshop

3 Mens knitted lambswool Gloves

And now: something for the gents! These knitted gloves promise to be a very warm companion during those long winter days. The gloves are available in standard size and are made from lambswool, a 100% natural (and very soft) material. As for the colors, there are 9 lovely hues or combinations to choose from: light gray, dark gray, black, navy-blue etc. Check them all out in the pictures and in the drop-down menu on the product’s page.

Available from Woolenfashionshop

4. “Colette” Mittens by LesPetitesMitaines

4 Mittens Colette

Looking for some hand knitted mittens with a feminine charm? Here is your instant pick! These wonderful mittens, named “Colette”, are knitted from a pure wool thread and are finished with a handmade satin bow knot. They are stretchable and will adapt themselves to most morphologies, covering the wrist and the palm and leaving the fingers free. By default, the color of the satin knot is coordinated with that of the gloves, but you are free to change it on the product’s page using the drop-down menu. The color of the mittens themselves can also be switched up – there are 11 options to choose from – yum! Check them all out and learn more about the product by visiting the link above.

Available from LesPetitesMitaines

5. White Grey Blush Knitted Mittens by jkdesignshop

5 White grey blush knitted mittens

These stop-and-stare knitted mittens seem to hail straight from a winter wonderland! Available in no less than 3 color combinations (white, white+gray, white+gray+pale pink), they promise to become the perfect winter accessory. They come in an S/M size, but if you want something larger, all you need to do is convo the seller. The custom orders are ready to ship within 1-2 days. For exact dimensions, more pictures and shipping details, click on the link above. It takes you to the original product listing.

Available from jkdesignshop

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores