5 Beautiful Wind Chimes For Your Home And Garden

Not many sounds are as soothing as the fine notes of a wind chime swaying in the wind.





And the best part is that you can hang them anywhere around your house and garden! Think about it: close to your reading nook, out on the porch or even in a tree in your backyard… Any of these places could benefit from an extra dose of color and movement. If the spot you choose is indoors, make sure that there’s an occasional draft to play the chimes. If you place them outside, nature will do all the work – just remember to move them inside the house in case of a storm.

Start browsing through the amazing handmade wind chimes listed below and welcome their soothing whispers into your life:

1. Agate Wind Chime by handmadebyfofo

1 Agate Wind chime

The unusual appearance of this lovely wind chime is penciled by the unique mountain pine tree that stands as its backbone. Such a stunning piece! The root itself was collected, cleaned, dried for a year and then varnished. Seven agate pendants in various colors, shape and sizes complete the piece, along with smaller, assorted crystal beads. Click over to the original listing for more details and for close-up photos. You mustn’t miss anything – hop to it! :)

Available from handmadebyfofo

2. Sea Glass Wind Chime by CoastalArtistry1

2 Sea Glass wind chime starfish


Those of you who are looking for a wind chime that reminds you of the sea… this is it! Lovely white and red pieces of sea glass along with moonstone, red Capiz shells and Mother of Pearl shells come together in this lovely, marine-inspired wind chime. And that’s not it: all of these pieces were strung by hand on hemp cord under a large starfish, the centerpiece of the entire construction. Some aluminum tubes are also part of the affair. Their purpose? To generate that lovely twinkling sound whichever direction the wind blows in! Ok now, check out the original listing for more info. The link’s above!

Available from CoastalArtistry1

3. Ceramic Wind Chimes by StudioLeanne

3 Ceramic Wind Chime

What a striking piece! This exquisite wind chime is handmade out of natural stoneware and glazed with a black abstract line pattern. A sleek and modern design! This beauty will look good (fabulous, even!) both near the pool and inside your home. Just imagine these discs dancing to the breeze in the back yard or close to an open window… so soothing! And before you wonder, yes: it is also possible to have these custom made in other colors than black. Click through for a picture of the same piece, but with blue and green line patterns. Go, go, go!

Available from StudioLeanne

4. Sweet Gum – Liquidambar Fruit, Sea Shell and Driftwood Wind Chime by ChurnMilk

4 Sea Shell and Driftwood Wind Chime

This whimsical, one-of-a-kind wind chime is made out of Liquidambar fruit, sea shells and driftwood collected on Turkey’s beautiful coasts. The resulting ensemble is an eclectic mix of natural materials with colors ranging from pink to orange and even yellow… mesmerizing! And what’s special about it is that it gives of a range of sounds in a lower key. Also good to know: the shop owner welcomes custom orders. Click over to check out the full listing and info!

Available from ChurnMilk

5. Sea Glass Wind Chime by RedIslandSeaGlass

5 Sea glass wind chime

Let’s just take a moment to admire it… INSANELY gorgeous, right? Inspired by the unique color palette of the ocean, this wind chime shows off a superb ombre effect: from cobalt blue to aqua, to white. Simply heavenly! As for its components? The wind chime is made of genuine sea glass and natural driftwood that were hand-picked along the Coast of Prince Edward Island. And if you would like a similar piece, but with a starfish instead of a driftwood, that’s also possible. Contact the seller for info and orders! And do remember to visit the listing either way… you won’t believe how beautiful this piece looks up close! :)

Available from RedIslandSeaGlass

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores