5 Cool Handmade Wallets Available On Etsy

Talking about money may not be an elegant thing to do, but storing them in style sure is! This is why today’s post is highlighting the absolute COOLEST handmade wallets that are available on Etsy. Thanks to these babies, you’ll be able to keep your hard-earned cash in a safe place and to express your personal taste at the same time. From a superb metallic wallet, to an incredibly beautiful 3D leather one there is plenty to choose from. Pssst: below you’ll find two wallets for women, two for men and one for the kids (they also need to learn how to properly carry their coins). Woo-hoo, let’s go! :)

1. Copper Trifold Wallet by alexbender

1 Copper Trifold Wallet

Whoa, what a stunner! Isn’t this wallet a sight to behold? Made from copper-hued metallic leather and finished with matching metal zippers, this trifold is as roomy as it is pretty. It has six card slots (with each slot holding up to four cards), a zippered compartment and, of course, a large slot that’s meant for bills. Coins can be stored in an outer zipper pocket, for easy access. Two snap buttons close the folded wallet. For exact dimensions and more details about this product, check its listing. It also comes in three other colors, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. Click over!

Available from alexbender

2. Black Cat Wallet by ChatonNoirBoutique

2 Black Cat Wallet

Meow! This up-and-coming boutique specializes in feline-inspired products and this fun wallet simply had to make its way onto today’s list. This slim wallet is impressively functional, as it is able to carry everything from cards to coins. Fitting perfectly into your back pocket, it features four card slots, two open pockets for bills and another two, very secret, pockets. Its special feature? The adorable cat ear outlines, which truly make it stand out in the crowd. Individually crafted, this style can also be made in a different color. Just convo the seller. Direct link can be found above.

Available from ChatonNoirBoutique

3. Brown Laser Cut Wallet by Spunkhyde

3 Brown Laser Cut Leather Wallet

This wallet is such a stop-and-stare accessory! It has a brown, 3D leather graffiti sewn on its outside, next to the Spunkhyde logo. Featuring an expertly divided cowhide interior (card holders, coin pocket and visible ID section), this wallet is designed to fit comfortably into the average pocket. Oh, and this is a one-of-a-kind item, which means you’ll be the happy owner of the only one in the entire world. How awesome is that? Now go check out the Spunkhyde brand, via the link above and get ready to be blown away. :)

Available from Spunkhyde

4. Leather Wallet by flourishleather

4 Leather Wallet

The back side of this striking wallet comes with a depiction of an elk grazing in the mountains, an awesome engraving that was fully hand-tooled. Made from durable cowhide on the outside and a super smooth kidskin on the inside, the wallet was also hand-stained and hand-finished. No wonder it looks so epic! The interior features four card slots, a long pocket for bills and a hidden currency pocket. There’s also a plastic insert that goes into the middle slot to allow you to elegantly display your favorite photos or your ID. And that’s not all: this is the type of accessory that gets only better with age. As you carry it in your pocket, the leather will give in and the wallet will become less stiff and more comfortable. You can read all about it in the first link.

Available from flourishleather

5. Wallet Monster Aqua Denim by cityanimals


This cute little monster is perfect for when kids start emulating grown-ups. Having their own wallet (just like mom or dad) can give them a sense of importance and responsibility. Which is precisely where this adorable accessory comes in: it’s great for stashing away pocket money, coins or other small finds. Made from a mix of high quality denim and tricot, it would make a thoughtful birthday gift. Other versions of this sweet monster wallets are also available in the shop – click the link above to get there immediately. Enjoy!

Available from cityanimals

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores