5 Handmade Wall Decorations That’ll Put A Smile On Your Face

Which is your favorite room of the house and what would you adorn its walls with? Do you have a bohemian way about you or are you more of a modern soul? Would you like your wall decoration to also be functional, besides looking pretty?

Whichever your answers may be, below you’ll find something to suit your taste. There are some large, decorative clothespins which are perfect for the kids’ room or for an office, a gorgeous dreamcatcher for the bedroom, a string of clay moons that would look crazy-good in the living room and a pair of delicate angel wings for the nursery. Oh, and a stop-and-stare wood sculpture that’ll make a statement in any room you’d pick. Impressed yet? Discover all the details below:

1. Large Rustic 9″ Decorative Clothespin by cherrytreegallery

1 Large Rustic 9 Decorative Clothespin in dark walnut finish

What a nifty idea! Both spectacular and functional, this oversized clothespin is just the thing your progressive home needed. Use it to display pictures of your loved ones, kids’ drawings or quick notes and enjoy a personalized décor that can keep up with your adventurous life. This large clothespin can be hung on the wall (it has a brass-plated tooth hanger on the back) or it can be placed upright on a desk, while holding your favorite photo. Two or three of these will look like so much fun when placed in a row! One more thing: the clothespin can be personalized with any name you wish. Visit the link above to find it.

Available from cherrytreegallery

2. Dreamcatcher by MakingThingsHappen

2 Dream Catcher

This nostalgic dreamcatcher is a must! Regardless if you believe in its magical powers or not, its combination of twine, lace, cord, beads and feathers will look lovely on your bedroom wall. Handmade with love and care, each dreamcatcher is unique, thanks to the natural variation in the feathers and beads. The neutral, earthy color-scheme will suit almost any interior décor scheme, from bohemian to contemporary ones. Different color schemes are also available – simply message the seller to discuss. You have no excuse not to do it, the link is right above! :)

Available from MakingThingsHappen

3. “The Northern Lights” Wood Wall Art by ArtGlamourSligo

3 Wood Wall Art

If you love a good infusion of color and some modern textures, this wooden artwork will be right up your alley. The sculpture is made from pieces of wood cut at different angles, then wood burned, hand sanded and painted in a stunning array of acrylic and wood dyes. The colors are mixed by the artist herself, so the result is absolutely mesmerizing and unique in every way! But wait, that’s not all: 2 or more of these sculptures can be placed adjacently to form an even larger ensemble. This is a made-to-order item and custom colors are available. Feel free to visit the listing for additional pictures and details.

Available from ArtGlamourSligo

4. Moon Wall Hanging by MadeInTheForest

4 Moon Wall Hanging

Add a magic touch to your home with these beautiful golden moons! Made out of clay and spray-painted in a beautiful golden hue, the moons are suspended by a bronze-plated chain and finished with a rough-cut piece of titanium quartz. The moons correspond to the lunar calendar and each of them is individually handcrafted. The resulting surfaces are slightly uneven, but that’s part of their appeal. Not to mention that, this way, they closely resemble to the moon itself! :) The original listing of this awesome handmade wall decoration can be accessed via the link above.

Available from MadeInTheForest

5. Angel Wings by clarashandmade

5 Angel wings

This shabby-chic pair of angel wings would look divine on the wall of a bedroom or a nursery! Made from resin and painted by hand, each of these pairs has a unique look, so no two are exactly alike. As for the colors, these ornaments are painted in Moonlight white, with a stone hue as a base. The latter peeks out just enough to give each finished piece that aged, time-worn look – and this is exactly what makes them SO lovely. Each wing has a saw tooth hanger at the back, so it can be conveniently placed on the wall. Simple, yet stunningly beautiful! Where would you place them? It’s quite easy to play around with them in order to find the perfect spot, as their small size makes them dainty, fun and utterly charming! Find them now in the direct link.

Available from clarashandmade

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores