Handmade Travel Accessories For Every Wanderer

Few things in life are more rewarding than visiting an inspiring place for the first time.

The dive into unknown, the joy of exploring and the unique experiences that unfold before you are worth the journey every time.

So don’t let nothing – and we mean NOTHING – get in the way. This means making sure that you take your valuables with you, don’t loose anything on the way and, of course, prevent any possible malfunctions.

How? Well, regardless how far you travel, there’s one golden rule you must follow before you hit the road: take only top quality accessories with you. There’s nothing worse than being stranded in the middle of nowhere and having your suitcase torn, your luggage misplaced or your clothes mishandled.

So make sure you’re always well equipped before setting off. We’ve made it easy for you by hunting down the top handmade travel accessories on Etsy. For yourself or for your travel-obsessed friend. (We all have one of those!) Let’s go:

1. Personalized Embossed See The World Leather Passport Cover by ShopAlwaysRooney

1 Personalized Embossed See The World Leather Passport Cover

If you’ve been waiting for an extra push to purchase those plane tickets, here’s one: this gorgeous  passport cover is ready to accompany you in your next trip! It comes from ShopAlwaysRooney, an Etsy shop specializing in travel accessories.

Ideal for the minimalist traveller, this cover is made from soft grain leather. The top is embossed with the “See The World” design, a motto that every traveller will love to read again and again. If you’d like to have yours personalized, you have the option of adding either your initials or your first name. How cool is that? Click the link above for details.

Available from ShopAlwaysRooney

2. Leather Suitcase by BennyBeeLeather

2 Leather Suitcase

Whenever you’re away from home, you must be able to count on a sturdy, well-made suitcase. Thankfully, this beauty from BennyBeeLeather is available.

The suitcase will effortlessly highlight your style, while being rugged enough to endure anything you (or your adventures) put it through. That is because it is handmade out of vegetable tanned leather and saddle-stitched from the inside. As for the closing, Swiss Made Riri M8 zippers will make sure it stays shut no matter what. Check out this trusty suitcase now!

Available from BennyBeeLeather

3. Women’s Black Print Hanging Garment Bag by CarryItWell

3 Women's Black Print Hanging Garment Bag

CarryItWell shop offers a range of colorful garment bags that fits every taste. Perfect to carry a very special suit or dress, this bag will protect your garments, while making a subtle statement. Don’t be surprised if you’ll be asked where you got it from! :)

One more cool fact? It’s roomy enough to hold up to 5 items inside.

The bag is made from 100% cotton and it comes in a stunning black-and-white print. However, if you’d like to have yours in a jazzier pattern, head to the shop and browse through the entire selection. There’s more where this came from!

Available from CarryItWell

4. Mr and Mrs Travel Tag by MayaaCo

4 Mr and Mrs Travel Tag

Awww! This travel accessory is best put to use when you’re travelling with your significant other, but don’t hesitate to take it with you when you’re all by yourself either. This gorgeous duo is crafted by MayaaCo, an Etsy shop focused on sweet personalized keychains and tags for couples.

Get this set for yourselves or for your best friend’s wedding, birthday or anniversary. They’ll appreciate the thoughtful and useful present! Now hurry up and head to the link above for all the extra details.

Available from MayaaCo

5. Travel Wallet by StitchbirdandFern

5 Travel Wallet

Heading out on a long trip and struggling to keep all of your documents, tickets and boarding passes in one place? Let this gorgeous wallet from StitchbirdandFern help your get organized. It can hold 4 standard size passports, a small Moleskine and 8 cards, along with tickets, passes, keys, coins or any other small items.

Phew – what a round-up! You just know this will prove to be one essential item for you and your entire family. Now, onto the customization: you can choose between 24 colors for the lining and you also have the option of ordering it with a wrist strap. Click over to purchase!

Available from StitchbirdandFern

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores