Coming Through! 5 Of The Cutest Toy Vehicles On Etsy

Searching for new and creative toys for kids can leave you in quite a pickle: “What should I choose?”, “Where should I start to search?” and, of course, “Will he or she like it?”.

So many toys, so little time!

If you’ve recognized yourself in the lines above, fret not: we’ve got your back! Below, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of handmade toy cars, trucks and even a bus… enough to satisfy even the pickiest of toddlers. There are simple structures to choose from, but also a couple of composite ones that would be suitable for the more… experienced drivers. :)

Let’s ride:

1. Wooden Car Toy by OohLookItsARabbit

1 Wooden Car Toy

What a cutie! This adorable Waldorf wood car is just the right size for little hands. With its perfectly smoothed edges and attractive surfaces, this toy will provide hours of entertainment, while also contributing to the development of the child’s motor skills. The toy is cut out of oak and jarrah on a scroll saw, then sand smoothed and finally coated with natural beeswax and organic jojoba oil polish. The axes of the cars are made separately and are, of course, securely glued. However, they could potentially become a choking hazard for children under three years of age. So you may want to just add it to your wishlist for now if your kid is smaller than that. Either way, do head over to the listing for more photos and details, you don’t want to miss out!

Available from OohLookItsARabbit

2. Wooden Bus by BERTYandMASHA

2 Wooden Bus

If your kid is not yet fascinated by public transport vehicles, they will be now! This adorable bus neatly fits four passengers and a driver inside of its sturdy structure. Handcrafted form solid cherry wood according to the Waldorf principles, the toy is very solid and stable, so much so that it has the potential to become a family heirloom, lasting throughout years and years of playtime. Who will be its next driver? ;) Head to the link above to discover more details about this irresistible bus.

Available from BERTYandMASHA

3. Wooden Toy Flatbed Truck and Kids First Car by asummerafternoon

3 Wooden Toy Flatbed Truck and Kids First Car

Awww! Isn’t this truck and car duo the cutest? This combo would make the ultimate gift for any car-loving kid – so much fun! Beside the two vehicles, the set also includes two passengers, or, better said, drivers: one for the car and one for the truck. Needless to say, these toys can become any little kid’s favorites, especially if they enjoy hauling things around with their truck. Hours of fun right there! All the items are handcrafted out of maple and walnut hardwoods, sanded and then finished with beeswax wood finish. Note that this toy is only intended for children 3 years of age and older. Go now, check out the original listing – you won’t regret it!

Available from asummerafternoon

4. Wooden Car by Woodartukraine

4 Wooden car

If you were looking for handmade toy cars that are more elaborate and suitable for young boys, adolescents or even grown men, you’ve just found one! This vintage car is hand made out of quality ecological wood and is 100% safe for use. And note that the light, natural color of the wood can serve as a base for some intentional decorations. You can allow your child to paint it in various colors and to personalize it to the heart’s content – how’s that for an awesome gift?! Check out the car now via the listing above!

Available from Woodartukraine

5. Wooden Truck with Toy Cars by littlewoodenwonders

5 Wooden Truck with Toy Cars

Your child or toddler can’t get enough of cars, trucks and the likes? Well, why not give him this awesome toy that contains all of them? Bonus: the way in which toy cars that are neatly nested in the trailer is a light and fun puzzle that will provide lots of amusement for your kid. So cute! The toys themselves are made from pine wood and the wheels are made from maple wood. Both the wooden truck and the wooden cars are left completely unfinished. Note that you can choose to personalize the toy with its owner’s name – another nice touch that your kid is sure to enjoy. For more details, click over through the link above. :)

Available from littlewoodenwonders

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores