Gym Motivation: Handmade Sports Bags To Get You Going

Once you get into the groove, staying active is easy! That is, until rut starts creeping in… When you feel like you need a little extra push to get your enthusiasm levels back up, investing in new gear can be the ultimate motivator. However, we’re not talking about shoes or activewear here. Unlike those (which are only seen by you and your partners), a handmade sports bag can be the best way of making a statement all throughout the city. For five ideal options, keep scrolling:

1. Gym Bag Rose Quartz and mother-of-pearl by mienBerlin

1 Gym bags Rose Quartz and mother-of-Pearl

The super sweet rose quartz color is trending this season and what better way to hop onto the bandwagon than with this irresistible gym bag? Made from cotton and with a synthetic leather base in a complementary metallic hue, this beauty single-handedly brings the classic drawstring backpack to another level. Because honestly now, who doesn’t want to inject some shine and glamour into their gym life without having to give up on practicality? Are you nodding approvingly? Then you should definitely click above and check out its listing. ;)

Available from mienBerlin

2. Leather Sports Bag 20″ by OldFisherBags

2 Leather Sports Bag

If you want to carry your sports gear in the utmost style, look no further than this one-of-a-kind, original masterpiece. The bag is hand crafted out of goat leather and has a sturdy canvas lining. The most important thing about its leather exterior is that it’ll only get better with age. In time, leather softens and deepens in color, so the more you use the bag, the better and more flexible is becomes. The trims are all double stitched, for extra strength and durability. Clearly, you shouldn’t shy away from using this bag on more occasions than just going to the gym and back. Its size and versatility make it ideal for weekend trips, picnics or traveling by plane. Fun! Do click over to discover more about its fantastic features.

Available from OldFisherBags

3. Swimming Bag by maiiberlin

3 Swimming bag

How pretty is this? One of these happy-hued swimming bags will be perfect for the times when you need to keep moisture and dampness at bay. Boasting a super water-repellent coating, the bag has a classic design and lots of cool detailing that make it (and its owner) stand out in the crowd. Everything from the star application to the thick beige straps and the stop-and-stare colors contributes to its unique, sporty looks – super nice! Needless to say, this would be a thoughtful gift for anyone who is a dedicate swimmer… try and see!

Available from maiiberlin

4. Sports Bag Of Colorful Yellow African Wax Fabric by Dinkra

4 Sports bag

Prints are an easy and impactful way of infusing your look with lots of attitude. Just look at it: isn’t this handmade sports bag absolutely gorgeous? The bag is made from a yellow ochre African wax fabric and is fully lined. It has a large main compartment which closes with a zipper, 2 small ones, 2 handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. So nice! This bag would make a superb gift for the passionate gym-goer in your life or, why not, for yourself! Check it out in the link above.

Available from Dinkra

5. Mapamundi Yoga Bag by NinaYogaBags

5 Mapamundi Yoga Bag

Yoga enthusiast? Then a bag that suits your precious mat is a must-have and this incredibly pretty one could be exactly what you’re looking for. The soft, pastel hues in the fabric and the map print will make you feel both grounded and inspired at the same time… you could easily use it as a source of inspiration for travel destinations! The bag has an interior lining with a pocket and two very strong handles, and it closes with a zipper. Put in on your shoulder if you’re walking or wear it as a backpack if you’re biking! This charming bag will be a faithful partner no matter where the road takes you… Designed and hand made by Nina Adams, you can see the bag’s original listing by visiting the link above.

Available from NinaYogaBags

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores