Treat Yourself! Handmade Soap For Sale, Straight From Etsy

Happy skin, happy you? Since soap is the very first step in all of our beauty routines, it becomes increasingly important to know that it’s made out of natural ingredients.

If you too have been pondering a shift from regular, mass-marketed soaps towards natural, handmade ones, consider this your cue! And don’t worry: we know that handmade soap for sale that also comes from trustworthy sources is hard to find. This is why we’ve put together a comprehensive list that’ll help you pick the right soap for everyone in your family. Not to mention, you can shop them all straight from Etsy! Get clicking:

The Perfect Handmade Soap For Babies:

Baby & Me Handmade Baby Soap by opassoap

1 Handmade Baby Soap

Your baby’s delicate skin deserves something equally gentle even during bath time! So why not choose a corresponding soap? Perfect for the sensitive skin of mother and babies alike, this soap has a low pH and is made out of only 4 ingredients: distilled water, extra virgin olive oil, organic chamomile and organic mallow flower. It doesn’t get any better than this! The rich creamy texture of this soap is suitable both for thin and fragile baby skin and for drier and harder adult skin.

Available from opassoap

The Perfect Handmade Soap For Adolescents:

Black Clay Soap by Thouartlovely

2 Black Clay Soap

For skin which is prone to breakouts, look no further than a black clay soap. Whether you have an adolescent kid who has skin problems or you’re still struggling with a few imperfections yourself, this soap may just be the savior you’re looking for. Black clay is not only conditioning and high in mineral content, it also has a superpower: that of drawing impurities out of the skin. And, with tea tree, lavender and lemon grass essential oils thrown in, this soap becomes the ideal solution for oily and acne prone skin.

Get one for yourself or give it away as a gift to a dear one who’s facing this type of skin issues – you never know when you or they might need a (soapy) helping hand.

Available from Thouartlovely

The Perfect Handmade Soap For Her:

English Rose Soap by RavensCtApothecary

4 English Rose Soap

What could be more pleasing than a fine scent of roses at the end of a long day? Not much, indeed. Which is exactly why this soap bar has been scented with high quality essential rose oil. Handmade and showing off a glorious shade of pink, it should be the first choice as a gift idea for your mom or best friend.

Roses have long been a symbol for femininity and grace. So why not enjoy the very best of what they have to offer in the shape of a delicately scented and elegant soap bar? Soon everybody will ask you where you got it from, so be ready to share your secret! ;)

Available from RavensCtApothecary

The Perfect Handmade Soap For Him:

Beard Kit. Cedar + Eucalyptus Bar Soap & Beard Oil by CraftsmanSoapCo

5 Beard Kit

When looking for handmade soap for sale, it’s impossible not to wonder: is there anything for the boys out there, too? The answer, everyone, is a cool and resounding yes. Part of a remarkably manly beard kit, this eucalyptus bar soap can be used both as face wash and as beard shampoo. In fact, this is the recommended use to get best results. The impressive ingredient list includes activated bamboo charcoal, shea, cocoa butter, as well as a fabulous blend of oils which gives the soap a woodsy aroma and a creamy lather.

Take advantage of this beard kit and order the soap along with the matching beard oil, which is scented with an equally attractive blend of coniferous essential oils. Perfect as gift for your dad or bearded friend, too!

Available from CraftsmanSoapCo

The Perfect Handmade Soap For Your Guests:

Soap Sticks by CleanseWithBenefits

3 Soap Sticks

Yes, soaps can come in something other than the classic chunky bar! Enter: the mini soap sticks. Bundled up in a jar that holds 10 of them, they are the ideal choice when you go camping, hiking or doing any sorts of outdoor activities. Not to mention, they will make for such a lovely surprise for your house guests! Simply pop one of these cuties in their bathroom to instantly make them feel welcome.

Handmade and rich in shea and cocoa butter, they should be a pleasure to both look at and use. Make sure you keep one extra jar on hand, as you never know when you might get a request to give it away! ;)

Available from CleanseWithBenefits

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores