Hit Snooze: The Dreamiest Handmade Sleep Masks On Etsy

There’s one thing that always ruins a good sleep: the morning light, as it crawls into the room and pokes you in the eyes. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Luckily, there’s an easy fix… Available in a variety of styles and finishes, a sleep mask will ensure that you have a sound and refreshing sleep regardless what time of the day it is. Sounds dreamy? It is! Below, we’ve rounded up the finest handmade sleep masks available on Etsy right now. Between four smashing options for the ladies and a very dapper one for the men, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Discover them all:

1. Batik Sleep Mask by maplemist

1 Batik sleep mask

Made out of batik cotton, this gorgeous sleep mask will bring you lots of sweet dreams! A layer of 100% unbleached cotton on the inside offers just enough padding to make it feel soft on your face, while a smooth silk layer in a coordinating color joyfully finishes off the other side of the mask. Technical details aside, isn’t its vibrant blue and green pattern absolutely stunning? The mask would make a lovely addition to your sleeping ritual. Oh, and don’t shy away from considering it as a gift for another busy woman in your life – it will be much appreciated! Check out the original listing above.

Available from maplemist

2. Cat Sleep Mask by FunkySunday

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All together now: awww! This hot pink cat mask is almost as cute and soft as a real kitty – just look at those tiny ears! The mask is made out of pink fleece (with hand-embroidered eyes and a small nose) and is reversible. Its other side is made out of a very soft cotton lining that is printed with small white hearts. And the cuteness doesn’t stop here: the mask comes with its very own matching pouch, which makes it the perfect accessory to take along on the road. Just keep it on hand if you want to catch some z’s on the plane, in the bus or on the train. Super fun and practical! Ok, now you simply must see the original listing – find it above!

Available from FunkySunday

3. Harris Tweed Eye Mask by TheCrimsonCoo

3 Harris Tweed eye mask

Hey gentlemen, this one’s for you: a stylish Harris Tweed sleep mask that has a 100% silk lining. Ideal for power naps or deep sleeps both at home and on the road, it will ensure that you look cool no matter where you crash. And another precious detail? You also get a little lavender sachet, which will infuse the mask with its sleep-enhancing power. When not in use, store them together to recharge the effect. Fun, soothing and oh-so-necessary! Make sure you click over to the product’s page for the full details and a captivating read on Harris Tweed.

Available from TheCrimsonCoo

4. Satin Sleep Mask by evelinaapparel

4 Satin Sleep Mask

Take your beauty sleep to the next level with this luxurious mask! Made of rose-colored satin, it has a lovely blush floral lace overlay which makes it incredibly polished and feminine. The mask stays put on your face thanks to a super soft elastic that was picked so as not to damage your hair or pull at it. Buckle up: with this lovely mask you’ll be in for some super chic slumbers. Needless to say, one of these would also make a nice gift for your girlfriends… If do you decide to buy it as a gift, let the seller know, so she can add a name tag or a personal note from you. Now, is this awesome or what? Get started by visiting the link above.

Available from evelinaapparel

5. Black Cloud Sleep Mask by JuliaWine

5 Black Cloud Sleep Mask

Made from timeless black materials, this beautiful cloud-shaped sleep mask has an appeal that is impossible to resist. Its unique shape hails from its carefully designed three layers: the inner one is soft and smooth (and perfect to comfort your eyes as you sleep), the outer one is an opaque black textile, while the middle layer is made of mild fleece. Finally, the mask will stay put on your face thanks to a matching elastic rubber band. So cool! Oh, and it’s just the right accessory to carry around when you travel, as its opaque finish will keep out any rays of light. Enjoy your nap! And find this stunning mask in the link above. ;)

Available from JuliaWine

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores