5 Unusual (& Insanely Appealing) Handmade Silver Rings

As we all know, handmade silver rings are not THAT hard to find. However, uniquely designed ones are a liiiitle bit more difficult to pin down. Which is precisely where today’s selection comes in!

Below you’ll find five absolutely superb rings, each boasting a more fanciful design than the other. The one common trait they all share? A fabulous silver look, of course! Prepare to see fine geometric outlines, minimalist shapes and innovative adaptability – your mind will be blown away. Start shopping now:

1. Geometric Silver Ring by RawObjekt

1 Geometric Silver Ring

This UK-based contemporary handmade jewelry shop sees its products as wearable art objects. And don’t they look the part! Take, for instance, this stunning geometric ring. Hand crafted out of sterling silver, the ring shows a subtle hint of minimalism without forgoing complexity: its faceted surface beautifully reflects ambient light. So dreamy! Its innovative shape and overall allure make it ideal for daily wear. The ring is available in brushed silver and it comes in two sizes: S and M. Click over to check out its listing and to go through all of its presentation photos – they’re a treat!

Available from RawObjekt

2. Balance – Fine Silver Ring by MinettaJewellery

2 Balance - fine silver ring

Oh, look at this dainty ring! The simple, yet ultra-modern design is the basis of its inescapable charm. Perfect to wear all by itself or stacked alongside other rings, it is as versatile as can be. The ring band is made of sterling silver wire and the silver ball on top of it is handcrafted from fine silver. Crazy beautiful! Don’t even try to *not* fall in love with it, it’s simply not possible! Coming from Minetta Jewellery, a UK shop that specializes in minimalistic everyday pieces, this ring would make a superb present for a special lady or… for yourself! Which is quite fitting, considering that it’ll arrive beautifully packaged and ready for gift giving. :) Find out more about it in the link above.

Available from MinettaJewellery

3. Silver Ring Two Ways To Wear by iouliaKdesign

3 Silver ring two ways to wear

This gorgeous, intriguing ring is coming from iouliaKdesign, an up-and-coming shop focused on handmade jewelry. The silver ring is part of the “2 in 1” collection and yes: it can be worn in two ways – you’ll see them both illustrated in the original listing. As each ring is carefully hand made to match your particular order, it may take 1-2 weeks for your order to be ready. However, it’ll be so worth it! Just look at the wonderful design, with the perfectly curved surface – must be a treat to wear. Ok, now you just have to go and check it out! Hop over there by clicking the link above.

Available from iouliaKdesign

4. Geometrical Silver Ring by LauraEssayie

4 Geometrical Silver Ring

The artist who runs this shop has a remarkable philosophy behind what she does: she sees her jewelry like small sculptures and is always looking for the balance between complexity and purity. And this ring illustrates this precise philosophy! Aptly named “Don’t stop”, this sterling silver ring has a pure, elegant and contemporary allure. Its contours are almost mesmerizing to trace, as they subtly morph into one another, revealing new outlines as they go along. So beautiful! Indeed, a sculpture fit for wearing. Check out its listing via the link above.

Available from LauraEssayie

5. Three Points Cage Sterling Silver Ring by CuriousOwlShop

5 Three Points Cage Sterling Silver Ring

Specializing in modern and minimalist jewelry, the CuriousOwlShop features pieces that are designed and crafted by Christine Levis in a small independent studio. Each one of them exudes a contemporary, minimalistic charm and this sterling silver ring is no exception. It features a triangle trapped between two bands, showcasing geometric bliss. Its expansive design renders it a piece that is best worn alone, so that its statement-making powers can fully come to life. Marvellous, isn’t it? The ring is available in three different finishes: shiny, brushed or oxidized: which one are you most tempted by? ;) Head over through the link above to view the full listing.

Available from CuriousOwlShop

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores