Wrap Yourself In The Prettiest Handmade Scarves

Let’s be truthful here: when you think about accessorizing, scarves are not the first items that come to mind.


Each of the scarves in today’s hunt have a special something which can turn them into your favorite new day-to-day signature items. Namely? Well, for one, they’re all hand made and hand painted. And, secondly, they’re crafted out of quality materials that’ll withstand years of use. Who knows, you might even pass them down to future generations!

Finally, let’s not forget the most important advantage of owning a well-made scarf: you can wear it in an endless number of ways. Wrap it around your neck, shoulders or your head for an effortless look or incorporate it into your outfit by simply tying it to the handle of your favorite bag.

Insanely pretty AND versatile? Hurry to discover the best scarves… ever:

1. Silk Scarf Peonies in Gray by MinkuLUL

1 Silk scarf Peonies in Gray

If you love peonies and a good, artfully chosen mix of colors, you’ll also love this fabulous silk scarf! It is all about contrasts and it has a wreath of peonies occupying the greater part of its surface. The peonies themselves are skillfully hand-painted using reds, oranges and yellows, while their background is all about shades of gray in a watercolor-like pattern. The best part about this fantastic mix is that it gives the flexibility to show more of either the peonies or of the grey background. Keep the flowers on top for a punch of color or the grey, pastel side for a more subdued look. Love the concept? Read all about the scarf in the link above.

Available from MinkuLUL

2. Frost Grey Linen Scarf by KnockKnockLinen


This scarf is a sight to behold! So pure, so soft, so cozy… it must be amazing to have it wrapped around your neck. Needless to say, its dreamy color also makes it an ideal contender for the title of your most loved all-around accessory… Note the fact that it is made from pure linen, which makes it very lightweight and, of course, very comfortable to wear, day in, day out. Lastly, note the subtly fringed edges which give it a very distinct personality. So fresh and cool! Discover its original listing via the link above.

Available from KnockKnockLinen

3. Dusty Pink Felted Scarf by AureliaFeltStudio

3 Dusty pink felted scarf

Isn’t the design of this light pink scarf just… incredible? It’s the type of item that can bump up the coolness factor of your ensemble even during the colder days of the year. The scarf is hand crafted out of Australian merino wool, a material that is soft and won’t irritate your skin. Awesome news alert: this scarf can be made in other colors, too. Simply message the seller for more info. Oh, and keep in mind that there are matching mittens available, so you can take the wow factor of the ensemble through the stratosphere… :) Hurry and check out its listing now!

Available from AureliaFeltStudio

4. DEER TOTEM ANIMAL Hand Dyed Silk Scarf by laurieazuregee

4 DEER TOTEM ANIMAL Hand Dyed Silk Scarf

This fabulously chic scarf is hand crafted in Britain out of 100% crêpe de chine silk. It has a very generous size which, combined with the luxurious feel of the silk, renders it a must-have accessory in your collection. The most important detail though? The deer! The scarf has been illustrated with a mesmerizing image of this glorious totem animal. Such a show-stopper! Convinced, but not quite? Know that Laurie Azure Gee is available to take custom orders, so you are welcome to contact her with your requests for a bespoke scarf. Awesome, right? Click above to head to the listing!

Available from laurieazuregee

5. Hand Painted Silk Scarf by JoannaArtDesign

5 Hand painted silk scarf

Excited at the sight of this scarf? Well, you’re not the only one. :) Its colors and outlines are out of this world! The 100% pure silk is hand painted to reveal a superb, one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art. Every scarf is made to order, so you’ll get one painted especially for you! This said, it’s good to know that you can request a custom color palette. If you decide to stick with the original, prepare for the delightfully rich yellow and orange mix! And do click over for more details and the available sizes. Go, go!

Available from JoannaArtDesign

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores