Daily Hunt: The Best Handmade Pottery On Etsy

Who doesn’t love pottery? Its warm appearance, fabulous looks and matching practicality make it a top choice for decorating interiors. Bowls and plates always find their place in the kitchen, vases can brighten up the living room, while cute little jars are wonderfully suited for, well, any space of your choosing.

Thankfully, today’s selection of handmade pottery will live up to this extensive list and provide you with some valuable suggestions for every type of item listed above. Varying from elegant to serious, classic and even cute, the following ceramic beauties will win you over as soon as you lay your eyes on them. Don’t say you weren’t warned… ;)

Start here:

1. 9″ Matte Turquoise Stoneware Plates by VitreousWares

1 9 Matte Turquoise Stoneware Plates


Who wouldn’t want an exquisite new plate (or plates) to bring a fun and cheerful new vibe into the kitchen? If you are in the market for something like this, consider your dilemma solved. Boasting a superb matte turquoise color, this minimal-looking plate will make a statement every time you pull it out.

Handmade by Vitreous Wares, this plate is expected to have small imperfections, as part of its unique charm. So cool! Oh, and an important note: the seller makes very small batches at a time, so if you’re thinking you might want more than one plate, make up your mind quickly and order now, while they’re still available. Direct link to the shop can be found below.

Available from VitreousWares

2. White and Gold Bud Vase by ModernMud

2 White and Gold Bud Vase

Next up on the list is this gorgeous, white and gold vase. The ideal wedding gift for a pretentious bride, a loving mother or, why not, for your luxury-loving self, this vase promises to look wonderful no matter where you place it. Perfect for hosting a single stem (use a red rose for a color pop) or just standing alone on a shelf, it’s guaranteed to bring the entire room to life.

The vase was decorated using 22k gold luster, thus gaining a sleek and precious shine. Available and ready to ship. Click on the following link!

Available from ModernMud

3. Ceramic Jar With Lid by quietform

3 ceramic jar with lid

These two ceramic jars are the kitchen-ready items you didn’t even know you needed. However, you do now, don’t you? :) These corked jars have a metallic finish that flawlessly compliments their minimalist and functional design. Use them for storing herbs, tea or your all-time favorite spices – they’ll look so, so good on the counter!

The jars are completely handmade and each one has its own, individual beauty and unique character. Needless to say, they’d make a lovely gift for a dedicated cook or a passionate interior decorator. Shop them through the next link.

Available from quietform

4. Cute Ceramic Owl Sugar Bowl With Lid And Spoon by noemarin


Uh-oh: containing your enthusiasm at the sight of this ceramic sugar bowl is not an easy feat. Just look at that cute little face! Luckily, this item is not only adorable, but also totally functional. So you can proudly justify your burning wish to get it. ;)

Featuring a lid and a spoon, the bowl is handmade using high quality ceramic products. As for its graceful appearance, it was inspired by the clean lines of Scandinavian design, all mixed up with the fun and innocent decorations so typical of the Kawaii style. Shop it below.

Available from noemarin

5. Ceramic White Bowl by OritCreativeWorkshop

5 Ceramic white bowl

And finally: you didn’t think that this list of handmade pottery for sale would end without a gorgeous bowl, did you? Featuring a stripe of blue flowers as an eye-catching decoration, this ceramic white bowl is the ideal dish for serving salads, soups or other hot foods. Fruits are also on the menu!

The bowl is made out of white stoneware clay with tiny spots. The outside is left bare for a nice and rustic feeling, while the inside is glazed in silky white. Finally, the bowl has an asymmetrical contour up top, which it gives off a subtle sense of movement. Clever, eh? Find it by checking out the link below.

Available from OritCreativeWorkshop

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores